We’re Back!

Hey Guys,

After a long delay we are now back to game reviews, tutorials, B3ast Best Meme’s and more! We have some new additions to the team and plan on moving towards a steady streaming schedule. We will be posting this schedule soon and plan to focus on games such as Age of Empires II(RTS), Tera(MMORPG), Gold Rush(MOBA), Smite(MOBA), CK2(RTS), and of course, League of Legends(MOBA). We are going to be kicking off with an Age of Empires II tournament that D15c0nn3ct will be recruiting for soon. Please check back within the next couple days to get information about our streaming times and as always, leave a comment on one of our posts!



2 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. It’s good to see you guys are back! 2-3 weeks ago I was actually thinking about ud1eby gaming, and wondered what happened.

    But more important, congratulations on the marriage!

    I hope to see more to you guys soon and in the future!

    • Thanks! I’m a very lucky man. As for the clan, I finally got a group of guys that want to put in some work on this! Whole new crew with the original two admins Ud1eByANARCHIST and Ud1eByTh3 B3ast. We have dedicated streaming and we are also starting to branch out to different games. How have you been? Every good on your end?

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