Is crafting really worth your time and effort?

Sup everyone its Ninj4!I have been a player of MMORPG’s for a while now, and I have noticed that everyone has their own way to make money in these games. However, I have noticed throughout my time playing that crafting is not the most time efficient way to make money. This is because there are two ways in which someone can go about crafting.

  1. The first way requires you to have money in order to make money. By that i mean that you have to go into the auction house, trade broker, or any other in game player trading system that the game has and buy the materials necessary to craft the items you are looking to sell. Crafting with this method makes it so you have to be more careful because you have to make sure that you buy the items for less then what your going to sell the final product.
  2. The second way in which someone can go about crafting in an MMORPG is to go and gather the materials yourself. After you gather all the materials you can make the items and sell them. This way you don’t have to worry about profit because you make 100% profit. However, this way is a lot more time consuming then the way mentioned above.

Based upon my experience in game crafting is not efficient. In my opinion the best and most efficient way to make money in an MMORPG is to gather, by that i mean mining mostly. The reason I say gathering is the best is because it is more time efficient and it all sells quicker on the auction house. If you gather materials people will buy them so that they can craft their own items; Like I described in the first way to craft. Materials that are gathered and sold usually sell a lot quicker then craft items do.

Hopefully I was able to shed some light on whether you should craft or not!



3 responses to “Is crafting really worth your time and effort?

  1. Actually I really disagree with this, at least in regards to World of Warcraft. Crafting vanity items such as pets or mounts or bags is by far the biggest money maker in the game (unless you’re farming world drops/instance drops such as pet’s or other epic stuff).

    Mining or any other gathering profession in WoW does not make much money, if you don’t process the raw materials. It’s simply not time efficient!

  2. Michael,

    I agree with you on this one completely.

    Although we all have our own personal playing styles, I think crafting should be atleast a small part in every style, as it truly does bring in a good amount of money. Also, It is very rare to see someone make alot of money buying the materials in the AH and then crafting.

    I believe the biggest issue people have with crafting, is that they are too lazy to put the time in to actually farm the materials and make the most profit possible.

    Let me know what ya think!

    – Ud1eByRonJeremy

  3. Michael,

    As an avid player for ten years and watching my father absolutely RUN the AH I’m going to disagree with you. It’s simple economics. Supply and Demand. If you have money, buy it all out. For example, Linen Cloth. Buy it all, and sell it upwards of 10g more than what you bought it for.

    People have no choice but to buy it. Vanity Items? When was the last time you bought a vanity item. The first thing I look over are the vanity items. I agree with the bags but that’s about it.

    Crafting is worth it. Take over the AH.


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