Hearthstone: Heroes of Worldcraft. (Dragon Priest)

Hey guys B3ast here, I am going to start of by talking about how much I love Hearthstone. Now for those who do not know what Hearthstone is let me explain. Now hearthstone is a card game, their enough said. Now their are 9 classes to choose from they are as followed, Driud, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior (just like in World of Warcraft). Now I am not going to get in depth with these classes that is for another post but what I am going to focus on is Dragon Priest. Now you get 30 cards to choose from which range from 0 to 20 Mana. Here is my deck for a Dragon Priest:

Name:                                                                                       Mana:

Power word Shield-X2                                                                (1)

Northshire Cleric-X2                                                                   (1)

Twilight Welp-X2                                                                         (1)

Swamp Ooze-X1 (Because i don’t have Harrison Jones yet)      (2)

Wild Pyromancer-X2                                                                    (2)

Shadow Word Death-X2                                                               (3)

ThoughtSteal-X1                                                                           (3)

Blackwing Technician-X2                                                               (3)

Shadow Madness-X2                                                                     (4)

Dragonkin Sorcerer-X2                                                                   (4)

Hungry Dragon-X1 (Wanted a extra Dragon in my deck)                (4)

Holy Nova-X2                                                                                   (5)

Blackwing Corruptor-X2                                                                    (5)

Sludge Belcher-X2                                                                            (5)

LightBomb-X1                                                                                   (6)

Cabal Shadow Priest-X1                                                                   (6)

Slyvanas Windrunner-X1                                                                   (6)

Chromaggus-X1                                                                                 (8)

Nefarian-X1                                                                                        (9)

Now this deck has been doing really well for me here lately. It took me a while to figure the right plays to make with this deck. The big factors to take away from this is how to set your self up for late game. Priest are all about the late game and causing your opponent to take fatigue damage. Now if you do not have the legendary cards to work with this deck then you cant play Dragon Priest. Its all about the those Dragons baby. I also have a video of a quick game of me playing my Dragon Priest deck. Tell me what you think, and how I should improve or if you just like these videos. Leave a comment, or hit that sub button and come check us out. Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Ud1eby, or  Tweet us on Twitter    https://twitter.com/ud1ebygaming

One dead Grub!


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