Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Free!!

Hey Guys,

Time to bring out my inner nerd! Last night I was bored and wondering the internet as I do and found a little piece of my childhood! For those that are old enough to remember it I found the Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy!

The game is free to play and if you want to save, you must create an account with the site.


A little bit about me, I grew up with two younger sisters and a younger brother. My father worked and my mother kept us in check. Without going too deep, my parents never had enough money to throw $100 on Pokemon cards. All I could pull off was buying the small ten card packs that came with only one F*#&ING ENERGY CARD! No matter, my siblings and I adapted and made our own energy cards and played with each other all the time.

One lucky Christmas my parents bought my younger sister a Gameboy and the wrong Pokemon game; The Pokemon Trading Card Game. Now, I am 25 and software developer, BUT last night, I was ten year old kid that stole his sister’s Gameboy again!





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