Ud1eby Hearthstone Tournament has been blessed upon us!

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Here ye here ye.
It has been quite sometime since Ud1eby has held one of their legendary tournaments. In our absence  we have been experimenting with a grand tournament idea that will inspire you.  We want you to step forward and summon your strongest decks! Free admission to play, a $20 Steam gift card to the winner, all skill levels are welcome from Wisps to Deathwings.

1. 2 Decks per person
2. No 2 of the same class
3. Both decks have to be played
4. Its best of 3
5. Double Elimination
6. All expansions are welcome
7. Unsportsman like behavior will not be tolerated
8. Cheating is not allowed

The tournament will be held on 10/30/2015 at 7pm EST depending on the how many people play, it will let us know if we need to move the tournament to the next day. It will be a round robin tournament, with this you will face everybody at least once.  Leave your battle.net name at the bottom and we will contact you. Let us know what deck you are bring to the battle field in the comments below!!

EXAMPLE: Hi Guys, I would like to play.  I’m bringing Druid and Priest!

Final day to sign up is Oct. 28th

One dead Grub!



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