Are there benefits in gaming you can apply in the real world?

Can you learn from a video game, and directly apply that knowledge to a real life situation?

And i’m not talking about going on a massive killing-spree and saying ‘Grand Theft Auto influence me to do it!

I am talking about skills you have learned through playing video games throughout your life, that can potentially help you in your daily tasks.

The answer is a yes.

I have conducted a list of 4 skills you can learn inside a video game that you can apply to a real-world situation, and given examples of what tasks, or jobs, those skills could potentially help you with if you take the time to learn them inside the game. Keep in mind there are thousands, if not more, of specific skills you could learn from specific games. A couple examples of these are;

-How to be sneaky around other people – SOCOM:US Navy Seals
-How to lure animals for hunting – Cabela’s dangerious hunt
-Participants of WW2 and the equiptment/weapons used – Call of Duty 
-History of civilizations – Age of Empires

These are very specific examples i will not be using. I have designed a more broad spectrum of skills that can be applied on a daily basis, and there are 4 of them. So here we go!


This had to be at the top of the list(this is not necessarily a countdown, i had to put this first). Many games i have played, especially the MMORPG’s have taught me how to organize things.

use this oners bankImage result for simcity

From Age of Empires farm construction to Runescape bank organization to streets in Sim City, you always are careful to have everything in the perfect place. How does this affect your behavior in the real world?

try this oneuse this oneuse thsi oneuse this one

Simple! You become obsessed with things being so perfect and tidy, that when you perform house chores, or cleaning up your desk at work – you have that same feeling that everything should belong in it’s place. I have personally spent i’m sure over 100 hours organizing my bank in Runescape, and it was exceptionally organized and neat. I can easily say this skill is being taken along with the ride in my personal life. I would almost go as far as to say, at times in video games where i did not care about organization – it reflected my personal life.


I was taught in highschool that when i get older, there will not be enough hours in the day to accomplish the things i have on my to-do list. And that every day i will be playing catch-up from the last day. A never-ending cycle of to-do’s.
Image result for clock
My Teacher was correct.

Recent studies have shown to become professional at something, you must endure 10,000 hours of practice. That’s roughly 50 hours a week for 3 and a half years. Wow.

How do video games actually help with this?

By learning to manage your time spent playing your games and limiting yourself. Deciding what times to practice and what times to log off and get other things done.

Image result for smashing computer

You know you have to be at work at 4:00. You have a 10 minute drive to work, and you want to Que up for a game of League of Legends. You look at the clock, and it’s 2:30. The average game of League is 45 minutes, but we all know it may stretch up to an hour. At this point, it would be fine to jump into another Que, as even if the game lasted an hour and twenty minutes(i have never had a game last that long, though) you will still have time for work. However, if it’s already 3:00 – and you jump into a Que, and the clock ticks to 3:50 and the game is still not over – looks like you’ve managed your time poorly!

This is an example of how we manage our time around gaming. But, we also learn how to manage our time spent inside the game. This is more in-depth.

Image result for league of legends red buff

You’re in a game of League. Dragon spawns in 2 minutes. Within this time frame your team prepares;
Your support drops wards
Your Jungler watches his smite
Your ADC recalls to make final purchases before heading to Drake
Your Assassin does the same
Your top laner splits and keeps his teleport up

This is 5 different people, interconnected by the internet in a virtual game, all coming into coordination within a specific time frame to all be where they are needed and fully prepared.

Lets relate this to a fast-food restaurant;

Image result for fast food

You’re running an opening shift on a Friday and the store must be ready for the evening peak;
You have Timothy portion wings
Erica stocks all of the boxes
Sue sweeps the floor
Danielle  mops it
Jeremy counts inventory to make sure we have plenty of product

This relation shows 5 different people, all working to make sure they are ready by a designated time frame. Sound familiar?


Image result for jim carrey typing

To be bluntly honest, i considered leaving this one out. You play on a computer for 10 years, you naturally type 70-90 WPM and you are criticized for every spelling and grammatical error. While i’m kiting you down in Heroes of the Storm, i do not have time to stand still and write you a letter or waste letters. You type in the blink of an eye and you focus on the game. Either that, or you chat it up in the MMORPG world. I do not think there’s much more to add here. Get a job as a telemarketer.

Of course this one only applies to computer games. So for you ‘Xbox only’ people, sorry to leave you out!

Communication Skills

Whilst playing multiplayer video games, you will be consistently interacting with other people. Sometimes sitting next to you, sometimes all over the earth. Most of the time using a voice chat to communicate with your allies, or maybe the enemy. While working as a team, especially in RTS and MOBA games, effective communication can change the outcome of a battle. Allowing your allies to know your enemies locations, the number of their army, your own strategy, sharing general thoughts about objectives or sharing advice about the game. Professional gamers will be consistently communicating with eachother for the highest grade of performance.

Image result for call of duty rage
But lets not confuse effective communication skills with rage, flaming and toxicity. Toxicity is a disaster and it happens when communication is no longer existent.

Image result for air strikeImage result for surgeonImage result for us navy seal
Effective communication saves lives in the real world. From calling in air strikes to protect our country, to the heart-surgeon trying to save your loved one, to the Seals in the arctic making communication back to HQ for Helix pickup. communication is so incredibly important for the future of our Country and the most accurate information must be traded between people during crucial times. So next time you get pissed at your ally for making a mistake, and you tell him you hope he gets hit by a truck – try pulling that move on the surgeon next to you while you’re operating on someones heart. Communication is so very important and whilst playing a video game treat communication as a gift – it’s a privilege, not a tool to tell your team how much you hate them for their mistakes.

That’s all for now! I would like to keep these sorts of posts coming. Let me know what you think by dropping a comment and giving constructive feedback. All is appreciated.


8 responses to “Are there benefits in gaming you can apply in the real world?

  1. Very good points, gaming has helped me type faster at work every day, thought our use of VOIP applications (skype) somewhat diminishes this. I do feel that games such as Age of Empires does teach people to multiple task though. Throw in a little critical thinking when being rushed and this definitely may help you organize your thoughts at work. I do believe that one could argue that not having a face-to-face interaction while gaming may be detrimental to communication skills. One thing we don’t practice while gaming is our ability to read others’ facial expression and gestures in response to our actions. This may lead to a child being rather antisocial later in life. Just some thoughts I had while reading it man but I LOVED the post and hope you keep it up, regardless if people check them out. I have found each one very intriguing and hope you continue to do so.

  2. I completely agree with the management skills and communication skills! My job (when im not gaming) is pure communication and management, as i have to manage maintenance for 4300 stores nationwide, and League has given me a huge boost in my communication skills. Im not necessarily yelling at somebody to facecheck a bush, but the concept is there! Plus the money management and prioritizing i learned playing WoW gave me the basics for many more management skills.

  3. Planning ahead and patience are two skills I’ve developed from playing games. Tough battles, like in Dark Souls or Witcher, require a well thought out strategy.

    • That’s awesome. I thoroughly believe video games have helped me communicate better. I find when i effectively communicate with my team, the turnout is so much better that blabbling off a bunch of nonsense and expecting a response!

      • 😊I’ve seen that it not only helped him communicate better but socialize a lot more. He’s more active then ever due to video games. Shockingly he’s a gamer with my mom. They have their own video game language… What ever works

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