Golden Rush!

What is up Ladies and Gents! RonJeremy here, bringing you one of our newest games to take up time! It is called Golden Rush, and it is a great MOBA. This game is a 3v3v3v3! You heard me, 4 teams of 3!! the most popular game mode is race to get to 30k gold. There is also another game mode, where the objective is to be the first team to obtain 12 chests, but this seems to be less popular.

Right now there are three main champions that you start out with:

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This seems to be one of the favorite champions so far by the clan. He has a spin-to-win like Garen, a “DUNK” like Darius, and a net like Rengar. The barbarian does not have much of a range, but does pretty good damage if he gets a hold of you!

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The Ranger has a Q like Ashe’s ult, a blind like Teemo, and a trap like Caitlin/Nidalee. She has a pretty extensive range, and can do a decent amount of damage, mainly all on her basic attacks, as her Q is a skill shot.


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The Mage is a burst damage champion in my opinion. Its Q is a channeled AoE ability, its W is a silence similar to Nasus, and its E is very similar to a Ziggs Ult. This champ can be kind of squishy, but very powerful if untouched.

you may be thinking, “This is weird, each hero only has 3 abilities, seems to basic.” But there is actually a fourth move! The only way to unlock this 4th move, is to get 4 pieces of the same legendary gear set. so far there are three different legendary sets for each hero. This requires a decent amount of playing time in order to gain the required amount of Bloack gems you need to keep the legendary gear. Or, you could just spend the money and buy the black gems that way. Everybody is different, some people have the money to spare, but i personally like to play the old school way, and earn it all!

There are three other champions as well, which i will be getting a review on shortly: Witch, Paladin, and the Assassin.

One thing that is different about this MOBA compared to any others i have played, is the fact that you do not buy items in game. Actually, you can find new items in-game from killing monsters, and you can also equip them in game as well. You can also get new items from the shop, which refreshes once a day, unless you spend the Black Gems to refresh it yourself. This provides a unique game every time, as you never know what somebody else has.

This game is still fairly new, and you can already tell that they have left alot of room for growth, pending on what their players seem to enjoy. So try it out everyone, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Till Next Time, Stay Frosty!



2 responses to “Golden Rush!

  1. Good descriptions of the characters(as long as we all know the characters in League! Lol). I actually didn’t know about the 4th ability. Great review.

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