Toxicity, Rage, Flame

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Toxicity –
The degree to which a substance can damage an organism

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Violent, uncontrollable anger.

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A hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire.

These three definitions have one thing in common – destruction.

They all three have the ability to destroy a person physically. And in the gaming world, mentally.

Unfortunate for everyone else, you are the cure.
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Stop being part of the problem.

When is the last time you said something mean or offensive, that could potentially hurt someone else’s feelings? I will speak true when i say, i have been told the most horrid, unimaginable, disgusting, violent, graphic things i have ever been told, all over the internet. When i really sit back and think on the things i have been told by people whom i have never seen and who do not know me…….

People have been told to commit suicide thousands of times,
People have said they would hunt others families and relatives and murder them,
People have prayed cancer upon others and their loved ones,
People have prayed car wrecks followed by painful death upon each other.
Strangest yet, people are very quick to insult your sexuality over the internet! Over, and over, again.

The list goes on. My point is, people say things they do not mean. If i had the ability to click a button and give everyone I’ve ever fought with on the internet cancer, i would never even consider the slightest possibility of doing it.

So… Why do people say things they don’t mean?

I could start off by saying human’s are created with Original sin, but i believe a better way to connect with viewers is to say….. People are not perfect. People lie, say things they don’t mean. And when they are fueled by anger and frustration, certain people will literally say any bloody rubbish they can possibly think of, to destroy your morale. Why would someone else want to put you into a bad mood? Especially if you’re stuck in a game with them? Because you did something to aggravate them. So now, they feel justified to spread toxicity through your veins, rage into your mind and flame onto your skin. You set them off, now you get to pay.. That’s justice, right?

Toxicity; A player who is generally negative and offensive towards other players for no specific purpose, and with no goal or solution. A sole intent to poison everything they come into contact with, and do not give a care what your response is.
‘This spill cannot be cleaned up’

Rage; A player who is angered. Who will be ‘set off’ by pushing their buttons. They look to anger you as well, and will say any means necessary to get a reaction from you until they are satisfied.
‘Hatred is in my soul’

Flamer; A person whose sole intent is to engulf you(or your.. chat box) in the meanest, cruelest, rude comments in a consistent manner. You have done something wrong, and now you will pay for the rest of this game regardless of your responses.
‘Engulf you in flames’

Start being part of the solution.

What can you start doing right now that can help cure the negativity that surrounds you? Are you really the humble gamer that gets paired with baddies? But.. You call people who aren’t as good as yourself BADDIES.. And you’re the one promoting a positive gaming environment? How about you call them something a little more respectful – Maybe call them by their name or gamer tag?

Everyone exhibits negative behavior from time to time. And if we had a choice to be toxic, or humble – of course we would all choose humble! Yet in a real-time situation, we all choose toxic from time-to-time.

When you are consistently surrounded by negativity, unfortunately you are the only common denominator. What i mean is this – better yourself as a sportsmanlike gamer and you will take a new perspective on others irrational thoughts and statements. When another player is saying something rude or offensive because you made a mistake or you aren’t as skilled at a game as them, when they toss you an insult or call you an offensive name – that is because they are treated the same way by other players and they are suffering on the inside. Nobody can tell you exactly what to say to every person who exhibits one of these negative attitudes. Because every player is different – this is not a ‘3 cures for 3 diseases’ situation. Every situation is very different from the next. You must take into account things you will likely not know such as the players age, their sexuality, their morals, their social status, and most importantly – how their current day is going and what their mood is.

If a person just lost his or her job and just arrived home wanting to play some video games to get their mind off reality, it could be much easier to upset that person if you make a mistake in-game or say the wrong thing. This does not justify their anger – but it helps you understand why they reacted that way.

Why do you think people exhibit these behaviors? Do you think they are justified? Let me know how YOU feel about Toxicity, Rage and Flame in the comments!


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