The Balance of being a Gamer

After reading the amazing article that my friend and fellow gamer posted on what being a humble gamer means it really drought to life a question inside myself. He mentioned references between the definition of a gamer and the definition of a manger. Me on the other hand I am not going to reopen that book I am going to pose a new question the balance of life as a gamer

What does that mean the balance of life as a gamer? It is quite simple. How can I as a person balance family, gaming, work, school, social life, health, and still manage to have a healthy sleep schedule? I have seen this triangle before on

post2social media and the caption always says pick to. It implies that you can only balance life enough to be able to take part in two of these actions and maintain a reasonable healthy life. This is diagram is for you average person that I have seen. However for gamers is ours different then everyone else? Do we have a lot more to deal with? In my opinion we do. Why do I say that? This isn’t the first gaming organization that I have been a part of. The first group that I was a part of was a console based group. This group had a lot of members close to 6000 members. It was broken down into ranks and squads. This group was huge they were well organized and they demanded a lot from there members. This balance that I am talking about completely fell out of any type of balance. Everything went toward gaming. Everything went out of the window. The reason I up bring this question up if gamers more to balance then just your average joe. Gaming is like have a whole other life. However in this other life you don’t make money doing you don’t get to see your family doing the only this you have a social life with people you have never met. however gaming is not just negative impacts on your life. these people you meet in games you create a friendship,  a bond with people that you is not like the bond you create with people you meet in real life. i don’t know how to explain the difference in the relationship but there is a difference and your not a gamer you probably don’t understand what i am talking about right now.


Balancing life is not that difficult. Checks and balances that’s all it is. Give and take. You want to play an extra two hours then cut back on the sleep. It is possible. There are many people in my group that do it now.  So I leave you with this question. Are you able to balance your life? Are you able to do what needs to be done?


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