Batman: Arkham Origins Game Review

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Hey guys, Beast here.

So the other day I bought Batman Arkham Origins, to be 100% honest I wasn’t disappointed about the game. I am a huge Batman fan, I played Arkham Asylum and City but I wasn’t sure that this game was going to be good. The reason I was thinking that was because I didn’t want to play a “new story”. I wanted them to continue after City, but they didn’t which kinda made me mad which is why I did not by this game when it came out. I wanted to buy the new one but that game is  still bugged for PC and is not being sold at the moment, well on Steam anyway. Alright guys let dive right into the belly of the beast.


OK, now the story of this game is batman just started out be a vigilante for Gotham. The police do not trust him, the villains do not think he is real. Only a handful of people have seen the Batman in action. The game starts out on Christmas Eve with a jail breakout being lead by Black Mask, who has put a 50 million dollar bounty on Batman’s head.  Then eight assassins are hired to take down the Batman.

Killer Croc

killer croc

Black mask is breaking him out of Blackgate prison. Batman catches up to him and stops him from escaping from Blackgate. As Batman is beating him to interrogate him, Killer Croc tells Batman that Black Mask has hired 8 assassins to come after him, with Killer Croc being the first assassin that Batman encounters. Now being the first boss you fight in the game, you would think he would be stupid easy but it was kinda difficult considering I haven’t played a Batman game in a while and to fight his henchmen and Killer Croc was exciting to say the least.

Deathstroke Aka Slade 


Deathstroke is a master assassin, and kind of a jack of all trades. He is a master at hand-to-hand combat, demolition training, armed combat and ambush techniques. Now he was a tough boss fight; you have to counter him while he is countering you then counter him again in order to damage him. It was pretty difficult but not the hardest boss in the game to fight against. Once you get past the first part of the triple wombo combo of counters the fight gets easier.



Firefly the pyromaniac himself, with 90% of his body is burnt  he loves fire. With his flying contraption and flamethrower makes him one scary looking dude. I can sum up firefly in one word “Crazy”. Now when it came to the boss fight you have to slow him down with your glue grenades and pulling him down of the sky to give him a quick justice uppercut  to the face. Then hang him high for the GCPD to pick him up and take him to Blackgate. Kinda tough boss fight, the big thing for that fight is to have cat like reflexes in order to dodge his attacks and hit him with the grenade.



This crazy wench if from South America or rumored, it’s from her thick accent that she could be from there just like Bane is. Now she is very flexible, a master escape artist, and contortionist. She also injects her victims with a neurotoxin. That neurotoxin attacks the brain, causing her victims to hallucinate as it slowly kills her victims. As a boss fight she was pretty difficult for the simple reason that Batman gets injected with the neurotoxin and starts seeing like 12 copperheads. So you have to knock out all of her clones before your antidote shows up to save the day.



“Dangerous but reckless” quoted by Batman. He is a master of Hand-to-hand combat, he is an expert tracker, one of the best marksman in Gotham. He could hit a flea on a dogs back from 5 miles away, without hitting the dog.  Now when it comes to the boss fight he was very annoying just like Firefly but a little harder.



The Electrocutioner gets his name from the gloves that he wears which shocks anybody who he punches. He started out as a pit fighter (and I do not mean the dogs) and the bad lost lead him to create his shock gloves. Boss fight, he was by far the easiest one in the game. He has this big entrance and Batman just kicks him in the face one good time and he’s out cold. This fight was just a big ole waste of time, I mean you get into a big brawl with all of Penguin’s men when he decides to jumps in, gets hit once and is out.  You would think for a boss fight he would not be so easy but he was.

Lady Shiva 


Lady Shiva is a master assassin, whom skills can not be matched by any other person. She is under the League of  Assassins and has many tools at her disposal. She sets test for Batman all over Gotham trying to lure him out. Shiva is kinda like fighting Slade when it comes to the Hand-to-hand combat she was a pretty hard boss but not the hardest boss to face. You gotta have that split second reaction time in order to take her out.


bane 1

Bane, Bane ,Bane the big boss in Arkham Origins. Well this first form is not the last boss fight of the night. He is with the Joker and when you catch up to him then you have to fight Bane off until police show up. Later on you find out that Bane knows your identity and goes to the Batcave. Shortly after Batman finds out Bane has been making a strand of Venom that would make his men stronger than the old stuff. This first fight is rather difficult for the simple reason because you have to dive past Bane while he running at you, then beat him up. At Blackgate he injects himself with the new strand, he then becomes Super Bane!

Bane 2.0 

bane 2

Bane’s new form makes him really strong but he’s slow. Now with this in mind  you can sneak up on Bane and run him into the electrified gates. The only thing is you have to beat him before the 10 min mark after, that the strand of Venom becomes super potent and Bane will kill you in one hit.

Finale thoughts: 

All in all it was a good game, if you are a Batman fan like me, I would recommend it to you as well.  If you like riddles like I do then the Riddler aspect is not as good as the other games were. They hand feed you the puzzle answers and mark them on your map. Now the boss fights were up to standards for “boss fights”  and the flying around Gotham/beating on thugs was fun. I really felt like I was Batman trying to save Gotham. Good game, I am ready to play the next one when its comes out for Steam. 

Gameplay: 9.7/10

Story:  9.8/10

Fun: 10/10

Overall: 9.83

 One dead grub!


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