Life is Strange review 9 out of 10.



Hey guys, Qwik33 here to give you a review of a game I personally loved, Life is Strange, created by Square Enix. This game is not you’re typical decision based consequence game. This game was so much more and it holds a place in my heart. As an Oregonian myself I can tell you right now this is not a very good example of people in Oregon but honestly its “hella” close.

Life is Strange is a very heavy story game where your decisions change the outcome of the story you play in a major way. You play as Maxine “Max”, who goes to a private high school studying photography in her hometown of arcadia bay Oregon, based upon Lincoln City Oregon in my opinion. Max is your typical high school hipster girl with a polaroid camera, a diary, and did I forget to mention she…

                                                       !!!!CAN TURN BACK TIME!!!!


This adds a huge gameplay dynamic because you make many choices, and if you don’t like it you can always rewind a little bit, but by the time you see the result of major decision its to late to go back. You can use your power to help your friends or learn information then rewind and hit someone with it when they least expect it to get what you need. This game is so nit-picky though, because when you make even the tiniest choice it can effect you have on the rest of the world.

The overall game is just amazing in my book, the story just goes for zero to one hundred so fast if makes your head spin and blows your mind at the each of five separate episodes, my only gripes about the game is the voice dubbing just isn’t quite on point, and the graphics just aren’t super amazing but the game is worth your time and it can definitely keep you busy. I don’t usually play games where there is so much story and the cut scenes take to long, but after playing the first episode I fell in love with the game and characters, and I went on into the story it got more and more addicted. This game is worth the five dollars to test out the first episode, but you will be left with a desire for more, all the way to the point to were you make your last final choice and end up hating yourself like I did.

At the end of the day I give life is strange a 9 out of 10 and strongly recommend this game to anyone who loves a good story like I do.

Keep gaming guys.



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