My history as a gamer- REVEALED

Hello, viewers. I’ve decided to reveal something about myself – the footprints left behind of the games I have played and how i came to Ud1eBy. So without further interruption, i will begin.

I was around 5 years old. My parents bought me and my siblings a NES with a BUNCH of games for it.

We played Super Mario, Ninja Turtles, Duck Hunter, Zelda, all the great, amazing titles that have not by any means, been forgotten. I was pretty terrible at these games. And could not make it past the first stage or two on any of them at first – I was young. But i enjoyed watching my older siblings make it to high levels.

Over the course of the next 6 years, i played mostly games that my brother brought home. My parents had bought me a Sega Genisis. I didn’t have nor care for many games for the Sega. I played tons of Sonic, though. And some random shooting games which i cannot even remember the name of. We owned a SuperNintento at the time, and also a PlayStation 1 with a variety of games for both. I’m going to post some pictures that give me flashbacks, and stuck out to me, in no particular order. Are you familiar with all of them?

Image result for ninja turtles snesAn overhead view of a young boy in a green tunic battling creaturesImage result for mario kart snesImage result for donkey kong country snesImage result for snes games lion kingImage result for snes aladdin

Image result for jet motoImage result for ps1 green plastic menImage result for tekken ps1Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back ScreenshotImage result for runescapeImage result for final fantasy xImage result for star wars battlefront ps2Image result for ape escape ps2

This is an incredibly small portion of some games i have played when i was younger. But looking at the pictures takes me back in a heartbeat. I am going to list the top games throughout my lifetime. So here it goes!

Digimon World 3

Image result for digimon world 3I had to choose a Turn based RPG; and of the many options i had, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, Pokemon – I had to choose my favorite childhood TV series. I have watched every single episode of Digimon Seasons 1 through 3. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the funnest RPG. Primarily because i was so familiar with the characters, getting to control them for myself was just outstanding. I was around 11 years old when i owned this game, and seeing my favorite Digimon come to life was something i spent endless hours enduring.  Being able to free-roam around a virtual world, and fight other monsters with your own that you have trained – was exhilarating.

Digimon World 3 took you through the life of a Digimon trainer – you took Digimon around a vast world of all types of terrains, with Digimon to fit each terrain. There were places you had to train your Digimon to stronger potential before visiting, or be destroyed by monsters too high of level. There was a TCG minigame within this game, and that was fun to play with. Digivolving into stronger monsters whilst in combat was just as exciting was it was in the TV series.

Command and Conquer: Generals

When i bought Generals, i remember being  afraid my PC would not run it. When it did, i was so happy! The game was so realistic – it was the first RTS i had played and i could not get enough of it. Understanding the counter-units, building structures, the immense amount of strategy and critical thinking involved – i realized i had found my favorite genre. The multiplayer experience was tough, especially someone with no RTS experience. I would get beat up very easily by veteran players. I eventually had to train myself to stop playing ‘scared’, and to approach every battle as if my opponent is no better than me; as soon as i transitioned mindsets – i  began winning many games. Definitely favored the USA, and had many rush tactics. Today my clan wonders why i always rush in AOE – but this has been a behavior i have always had about RTS.


Generals took you through the experience of real-time modern warfare. With each faction (China, USA, and GLA) utilizing their own unique weapons and units. The realistic experience of shooting a RPG at a Raptor and watching it fall from the sky, hiding a Sniper inside a tower and picking off terrorists, and hacking into recourse buildings and stealing cash from another players – Generals had it all. Will C&C ever come back to life?

League of Legends

Image result for League of legends akali

It had to be here. I began playing League of Legends when i was at one of my highschool friends house’ playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and they were talking about League and how i should play it too. Eventually i downloaded it. This was in Season 2(The patch when Lulu was released). The game became addictive, fun, energizing. I poured all of my free time into it – and became skilled. Mastering many champions, learning the way of the Rift, the game has the highest learning curve of any game i have played. I tried other MOBA’s(Smite, dota, Etc) but something about League sticks out and stays in my heart.

League has taught me to game psychologically. It has showed me just how important mindset is. From backstepping Mundo Cleavers as they come off CD, to counter-jungling, to knowing when to push and when to back, to simple damage trades in lane. The curve is steep, but the the balance of this game is forever changing.

When Sibultcher became D15c0nn3ct

My username for gaming used to be ‘Sibultcher’. It’s strange, i was playing Star Wars Battlefront and i was struggling to think of a good name. I was trying to combine 2 words and make an interesting name. I took the word ‘Sabotager’ and was just mumbling other words along with it, eventually i said ‘Sibultcher’ and it just sounded great to me. Through Neopets and Runescape and League of Legends, i always chose this name. Other players would nickname me ‘Sib’ for short.

In League of Legends, during Season 3, i was playing an ARAM by myself and chose Ziggs. I went Godlike that game, and the guys playing asked me if i wanted to roll with them afterwords. I found the Ud1eby’s were pretty cool cats. I began spending my time on League playing with the Ud1eby’s.  Eventually i wanted to change my name. But i felt ‘Sib’ was getting old….

We were playing Ranked 3’s on Twisted Treeline. I was playing Jarvan. We were camping a bush, and all 3 enemies were running towards us. I ulted into all 3 of them, CATACLYSM! But – Hidden and B3ast stood still. After a few seconds – ‘A summoner has disconnected’! I remember Flashing out of my Cataclysm and getting away alive, whilst both my allies died shortly after disconnecting.

So throughout my gaming since, i have always been ‘D15c0nn3ct‘. Because, well.. They both died by a Disconnect! What a PUN!

Anyways. What’s your gaming story? And what games will you cherish the memory of forever? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

And remember! You are always invited to come watch us stream – or join us in game!

I do not own pictures used in this post and copy write is not intended. The links below will take you to the origin of the pictures. Thank you.

Ninja Turtles –
Zelda –
Mario –
Sonic –
MarioKart –
Donkey Kong –
Lion King https;//
Aladdin –
Jet Moto –
Army men –
Tekken –
Crash Bandicoot –
Runescape –
Final X –
Star wars BF –
Ape Escape –
Digimon –
Generals –
Akali –


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