Zombie slaying with touch of Minecraft!


Have you ever played Day Z before, but wanted more to do then just run around find stuff? What about Minecraft? Have you ever played Minecraft and just wanted to get a gun and blow the brains out of the mobs? I mean, Minecraft is cool and all, but who uses swords anymore? Well I think I got a game for you! This new game is free on the steam store, and man is it worth the 200mb download. The game Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton and published by Smartly Dressed Games! My fellow gamer Ud1ebyTHEDEE and I were pointed to this game by another one of our fellow gamers. She told us to give it a try because we were looking for a new FREE game to play! I was quite hesitant at first, but once i dove into the game man was I amazed. I wasn’t amazed by the graphics of the game because this game does not have the most amazing graphics in the world! I was amazed by the game play!

So us being us, we decided to go at this game with the old and trust worthy baptism by fire method! Which for those of you that don’t know, that means it’s basically flying blind! Which means we did no research on this game, we just started playing! It took me a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to equip a weapon, once I realized I even had one, I met up with Ud1ebyTHEDEE! We had no idea what to do or anything, we were quite lost to be honest, just clicking buttons and killing zombies! We never really knew what we were supposed to do! So we played for a couple of hours and called it a night. This is where my mind took off. I realized, I need to know more about this mysterious new game! I needed to learn what we needed to do! So I did. I spent the rest of that night, around 2 and half hours; watching videos, reading guides on what to do, so that the next morning, I was ready to carry Ud1ebyTHEDEE to victory! By victory I mean killing other players because PVP is always better then PVE!

The next morning rolled around and I was ready to go. After getting about 4 and half hours asleep, I made my coffee and got on, ready to play with Ud1ebyTHEDEE! We played for about an hour or so and then my power went out. Usually its my internet, but not this time! The power to my entire house was just gone! So after i got back from school I jumped right on and started playing again!

Okay so enough of the background story! Let’s look at this game objectively! It runs really smooth without much lag when the map is rendering! The guns are well-developed, with many different options to choose from! There are different guns for the different maps! There are three maps to choose from; Washington, PEI, and Yukon! My favorite is Washington because it is well-balanced, with locations of towns and locations of drops. There is a multiplayer option with multiple servers to choose from. PVP or PVE options as well! Each server has its own rulers and starting items, some servers you get no starting items. There is also a singleplayer mode as well. Singleplayer mode is where you really get into the Minecraft side of the game. You can chop down trees and build a base and make traps as well. The base building in the game get really in-depth with many ways in which you can design.





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