Should video games be used in education?

Click on the link below for an excellent article discussing the use of games in education.  When I was younger, I learned many important skills, such as typing, math, and reading from computer games.  It still amazes me that in the gaming era that we live in, those games no longer exist.  Especially as a teacher, I fully support games as a way to connect to kids and make learning fun instead of a monotonous chore.

Source: Games in Education.


2 responses to “Should video games be used in education?

  1. That’s so true! I used to play a lot of educational games at home growing up, they really helped me with math. We also used Mavis Beacon at my school. I think they can be great tools for learning by actually making it fun.

  2. I think that this is a topic that was explored in our child phases as well. Oregon Trail was a game introduced to me when I was a child. Now this idea has been expanded upon greatly. Duolingo is another app that I use and am currently teaching myself Spanish. I think technology is the future, that’s why I picked the field that I did! Overall, as always, awesome post!

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