HALO 5, I’m not that impressed…. here’s why.

After a long wait, it is finally here guys and gals the newest installment of our well loved character, Master Chief. As well as a few new folks along this journey. In this game you play as our favorite Spartan Master Chief, with your trusty blue team… that died a long time ago… WTF. It seems that the guys at 343 Ind. are doing what ever the hell they want with this one and I don’t really know if I like it. Unfortunately you play as Spartan Locke for a good 80% of the story, your goal as Spartan Locke is to find The Blue Team for abandoning the UNSC orders and going off to do god knows what. As the UNSC’s most valuable asset naturally they will go after the Master Chief.

Who doesn’t love a good midnight release as well am I right??

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Let me start off this review by saying this game started out so bad ass I was streaming it and no one took my commentary seriously because I was giggling like a school girl. Fire team Osiris just went HAM and it was amazing but it just went from super epic to eh its kinda ok to wow this is so repetitive. the lack of huge battlefields with the fast and easy campaign just didn’t do it for me. As well as the fact that if you take enough damage in the easier difficulties all that happened is you went down Gears of War style, you wait for your team to revive you and you keep fighting with a health boost. With the size of the battle field reduced it was a lot easier too. You had so many enemies but you can make pretty quick work of them with explosives and the trusty shotgun.

Graphics wise the game played fairly well but there were some spots where the map would load up to ninety five percent and then just leave it be, this title deffinitly pushed the current gen console to the limits but you can’t upgrade it to run better so you are stuck with the sometimes choppy terrain. A lot of the weapons got a graphical upgrade with the new call of duty style aiming system, but in all reality if I wanted to play call of duty I would have bought that instead.

The sound quality was very good with the voice acting but a lot of the guns sounded fairly cheaply made. Promethian weapons sound like air soft guns with bass and plasma weapons sound ok but I wish they had not messed with everything so much to keep a little bit of that old Halo we all know and love.

Lets talk Multiplayer though. What this game lacks in campaign excitement, it makes up for it with the purely awesome battlefield we all know and love and they keep the tradition going. With a new game mode called Warzone and it is so much fun to play. Twelve man teams battle it out in a game type mixed with Territories + Slayer +  Assault, with the ability to  requisition (REQ) items such as vehicles and power weapons. The way you get these REQs is you earn points every game and spend them on packs which I would compare to buying packs of Poke’mon  cards when you were little. This system is fun and yet annoying, out of 10 REQ packs I opened up, 25% of the cards I got were just the regular mongoose.

All in all then game is very fun just not exactly what the series could live up to. I beat the story in 8 hours and have been just playing multiplayer, and on that it is worth it, but not something that you HAVE to go out and get now, let them tweak the REQ system in warzone and the game will get a higher rating. I give Halo 5: 7 out of 10.

With that guys have fun, stay awesome and game on.


5 responses to “HALO 5, I’m not that impressed…. here’s why.

  1. I’m not a Halo fan and I was going to get this for my wife and I until I realized there was no splitscreen this time around… who thought that would be a good idea? :[

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