The Witcher film coming in 2017

The Witcher series is headed to the big screen.  In 2017, the first Witcher film is expected to be released.  Should the film be successful, then it will become its own franchise.  No cast information has been released yet, although we know it is to be released by the Sean Daniel Company (famous for the Mummy franchise) and directed by Tomasz Baginski.  Tomasz’s only directing work was The Cathedral, an animated short nominated for an Oscar.

Video games have yet to successfully transfer into films.  Most of them are awful and don’t gross very well.  Hopefully films like Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher would buck that trend.  Comment below who you think should star as Geralt of Rivia.

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Click here for information on the upcoming Witcher 3 expansion: Blood and Wine


4 responses to “The Witcher film coming in 2017

  1. As far as I remember, I might be wrong though, the Assassins Creed movie isn’t directly based on the game, but more on the story and universe. But gonna be interesting to see non the less.

    The Warcraft movie, however, is based a lot more around video games, and is, probably, gonna be the first real breakthrough in the game-to-movie adaption.

    Having an “unknown” director, who hasn’t worked with this kind of movie/universe can be a risky move. Somehow it seems like they picked the “cheap” way out, instead of getting a highly rewarded director. But let’s see how it goes!

    • Regardless of the source material, I just want a solid video game film. Every other one has been such as disaster. I was most disappointed by the two Hitman films because I love the Hitman game so much.

      • Yeah, the Hitman movies we’re that good. But perhaps the previous game-to-movie adaptions shouldn’t be seen as a video game movie, but rather as a movie inspired by the game? I did that with the Doom movie, and honestly? I kinda liked it!

        Perhaps that’ll lead us to less disappointments.

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