6 Tips and Tricks for Surviving in the Fallout 4 Wasteland

As I mentioned in my review,  Fallout 4 doesn’t do a fantastic job explaining how to navigate the expansive world it created.  Here are 6 helpful tips and tricks to help you survive in this nuclear apocalypse.

  1. Quicksave often.

There are many dangers out there in the Commonwealth.  Deathclaws, rogue Bandits, Super Mutants, Blood bugs, and many more all lurk in the shadows waiting to prey on unsuspecting travelers.  There’s also that random game freeze or never ending loading screen.  Nothing’s more frustrating then having several questing hours thrown away because you stepped on a land mine and forgot to save.

2. Keep track of your Power Armor and Companions

Early in the game, you will be given a massive suit of armor called Power Armor.  It slows you down but enhances your strength and defenses.  However, it is not unlimited.  Power Armor runs on Fusion Cores, which are rare and expensive.  When you exit your Power Armor, the suit will permanently stay wherever you left it.  Make sure you leave it somewhere easy to remember.  There’ll be a marker on your Pip-Boy, but it only shows the vicinity, not the exact location.  I always left it in a settlement or base.

3. Your Power Armor does not make you invincible.

I had to learn this one the hard way.  Wearing the armor does not make you impervious to all damage, it just greatly reduces it.  When you first receive the Power Armor, a Deathclaw appears and attacks.  I thought I could go toe to toe with it and come out on top.  My severed head proved otherwise.  Even when wearing Power Armor, you still need to treat combat as you normally do.  So move around, take cover, and as always….USE YOUR V.A.T.S.


4.Choose the right companion for the right occasion.

Fallout 4 gives you plenty of companions to partner up with on your journey.  Each companion has his own personality and likes and dislikes.  If you make your companion happy enough, then you receive a bonus.  Make sure you take your companions on missions or quest lines that make them happy.  For example, the Brotherhood of Steel character hates Synths.  Don’t take him to the Underground Railroad that rescues Synths.  Likewise, don’t take your Synth companion to the Brotherhood of Steel fortress.


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5. Invest in Luck

Seriously, it’s unfair.  Luck increases your chance for V.A.T.S. hits, fills your critical meter faster, and increases your chances of finding better weapons and gear in the Wasteland.  Most importantly, its perks are unreasonably powerful.  Fortune finder and Scrounger allow to find extra money and ammunition.  The Mysterious Stranger, in which a mysterious figure with a loaded .44 appears during V.A.T.S. sometimes and kills your target, has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.  Idiot Savant is the single greatest perk ever.  Randomly, you will receive five times the experience points for any action that earns experience points.  It’s mostly small, like earning 40 points for killing a ghoul instead of 8, but sometimes you receive it after completing a quest and you can easily earn over a 1000 points and level up multiple times.

6. Find the Brotherhood of Steel early

Early in the game, if you wander towards the Cambridge police station, you’ll find Brotherhood of Steel fighting off a band of ghouls.  Help them and you gain access to their faction quest line.  They have relatively easy quests that earn you lots of loot and a large amount of experience points.  I’m at level 30 and I’m still using a laser rifle I received from a Brotherhood of Steel quest when I was way back at level 9.  

These are my tips to make surviving Fallout 4 a bit easier.  Comment your own tips or suggestions below.

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