Gaming With People WAY Better Than Yourself

          We all have those friends who we play a certain game with quite often, or perhaps have convinced you to buy a game that all of them play. In this situation, they have obviously been playing the game for a bit longer than yourself and, as a result, have much more experience. As we all know, in gaming there is not much “Beginners Luck.” It goes more along the lines of, “They have much more experience, better items that they have invested in, and can destroy me.” I, myself, have experienced the second quote WAY more often than the first. This in turn, causes most competitive gamers, such as myself, to have the urge to rage, freak out, and contemplate uninstalling the game, as I have lost so often I begin to lose interest in the game. In the end, I did not end up uninstalling the game, but I realized something else that most of us do not, I was actually getting better! 

          If you are a competitive gamer that is interested in becoming very skilled at a particular game, my advice to you is to play with those people who make you want to rage and quit the game. It is true, these other people probably are way better at the game and have better items than yourself, but you should not let this intimidate you. In fact, you should use this to your advantage! Instead of raging and quitting the game you should study what they do, ask them questions, and probe for advice on how to become a better gamer and competitor. Use their experience to your advantage! 

          It will be frustrating at first, but it will pay off in the long run. I have endured this many times, and at times it feels like it is pointless. I have played League of Legends on and off for the past two years,  and lately I have become much more competitive. I will admit I was terrible, and still am not the greatest by any means. When I started playing with my fellow Ud1eby clan members, to say that I did decent in a custom 3v3 with them was a stretch. Like I stated previously, I started getting fed up with getting my butt kicked all the time. There was a point where I did not even want to play with them anymore. Thankfully I kept playing though. Slowly I began to become better, and put up much more of a fight against them. I asked them questions like: “How do you think I did last game?” or “What should I do differently?” or even, “Do you have any tips for this Champion?” and as a result I became better. 

          My advice to ALL competitive gamers, “Play with the people who make you want to quit.” If you have any desire to become better, study them. We all started out the same way with a game, at the bottom. It will take time, and a personal drive to become better. Don’t get discouraged, keep trying. Hopefully this advice will be useful and help you become a more challenging competitor! 

If you would like any advice, comment below, or even if you would like to join us in some League of Legends games!

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