Star Wars Battlefront 3: Late Review


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Hey guys B3ast here,

Now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiering this weekend, I hope some of y’all are as excited as I am. Let’s dive in with the latest from EA in Star Wars Battlefront 3.  Back in  2005 Battlefront 2 came out and if you were a Star wars fan like I was as a kid this game was awesome. Two years after this people wanted another game. They had the idea for the game but had to cut the funding for the game. Then a few years ago DICE picked up the idea.  Now, being a big Star Wars fan, I picked the game up and I absolutely loved it. However, something made me not want to keep playing the game.



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Now with how big the Star Wars universe is you would think that there would be some kind of story mode or campaign to this. Well you would be wrong about that. They don’t have a story mode for this game, instead, DICE put all their time and money into the multiplayer. They said they did want to change what the other battlefronts previously had done. They look at battlefront as a team fight to get objectives and win the game. Well some us don’t like playing just multiplayer, some of us want to go on a galactic adventure and take over the galaxy planet by planet. This is what turned me away from the game, you need a campaign for a series like this even if its just a 45 minutes to beat it on easy. Just throw something together that is what most people want from a series like Star Wars.


Single Player & Co-op Missions  


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Now instead of a campaign DICE decided missions would be better. In other words missions are different scenarios you play either by your self or with a group of friends. This was an OK concept but not what the people want or what I want personally. They have different “Game modes” for this   Star Wars experience. These include Training, Survival, Battles, and Hero Battles. The only good one out of all of those is Hero Battles. This game mode puts you in the shoes of your favorite heroes from across the galaxy.




Considering the DICE put most if not all of their time on a bomb multiplayer experience I’m going to divide this tab into different sections on the different game modes.

1.Fight Squadron


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You get into your Millennium Falcon or Tie fighter and take to the skies to fight in this space dog fight. You need to complete objectives in order to win the game as the rebels or the empire. This game mode lets you play as iconic characters such as Han Solo or Jango Fett. I wasn’t a big fan of this game mode because me and driving don’t go together. Now if you like flying a ship and shooting people down I would recommend this game mode to you.

2. Supremacy


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In this game mode you and 40 other players are in a total fight to control five points on the map. This game is like a king of the hill based game mode with a twist on it. You can play as the hero or the villain of the planet. This game is just a slaughter fest while trying to look like you are going for an objective. This game mode is fun to play with other people so y’all can work together to get the points and win the game.

3. Cargo


Cargo is the mode where its basically capture the flag. The twist on this game mode is that instead of flags its cargo that you are taking control of it to get back to your base. This game is more team based then the rest of the modes but not as big with the players which means more parties and premade groups will come.

4. Droid Run


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Six versus six game mode where each team has to fight and control three different droids zones.  The maps are way smaller then other game modes because it is six versus six. This mode becomes harder if you fight people like the people I fought who were in a team together and had their communication on lock.

5.Walker Assault


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Walker assault is a 40 player map on the planet Hoth (I don’t know why they call it Hoth it should be called cold). The empire is trying to take the rebel base. They are sending walkers to take out the rebel base, it’s up to the rebels to call in Y-Wings to drop EMP’s on the walkers to make them weak for any type of attack to hurt the walker. This game mode was really fun out of all the games modes because of how big the map is.

6. Blast


This game mode is Star Wars version of Teamdeath match. This is the true definition of a slaughter fest. Which ever team gets most kills wins.

7. Drop Zone

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Drop zone is one of those game modes that is very objective based game. Every so often an escape pod is dropped from the sky and your team has to take control of the zone. Once your team takes the zone you have a certain amount of time to hold it to get the points. Reach max points and you win the match.

8.Heroes Vs Villains

star-wars-battlefront (1)

Play as the most iconic heroes of the Star Wars universe. Each team has a hero they have to protect to score points. Use your heroes to make them perform monster plays to win the game. I am not a big fan of this game mode because I don’t like that pressure  that comes with being the hero.


9.Hero Hunt


The hunt is on in this game mode, each team has one hero and several ground troops. You hunt the enemy hero and if you kill the other hero you get to become a hero yourself,the one thing is that once you become the hero the hunt is on. This game mode is more fun than heroes vs villains because I can run in and kill the hero and become the hero to kill more people.

Now that we’ve touched on this game a lot a review, this games multiplayer is on point. Now with them just focusing on multiplayer, the game would be good. My main concern is that there is not single player campaign which lowers my opinion of the game. I would recommend it for Star Wars fans, but you can only play multiplayer for so long before it gets repetitive.

Story: 0/10

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Multiplayer: 10/10

Overall:   6.75/10


One Dead Grub!





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