Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

OK guys, as PC gamers most of us take pride in our systems. So this leads me into a question, whats in your system. I’ll start…

First off, in the system I have lovingly named the Blue Rocket, I have my Gygabite 78LMT-USB3 mother board. With that I have an AM3+ socket, in that socket I have a 6 core 3.5GHz AMD 6300 which is very easily overclocked up to 4.0 GHz but not on this motherboard. Complementing it all i have 16 GB of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM. I love this set up because it is on the cheaper side, but that comes with only one PCIE slot so i can only have one graphics card. Moving on to the graphics card, my pride and joy the EVGA Nvidia GTX 950 SC with a slight overclock. Two GBs of VRAM can run about anything on medium to high settings, but soon I will upgrade. I’m looking at that 8GB VRAM R9 390, its just so sexy and i cant help myself.  In there powering the dream machine is my 500 watt, EVGA power supply.
This whole setup cost me about 700 bucks, now before people go off about how there $350 XBOX One, here is my thing to say. I love my XBOX One, but on my PC i can actually have 1080p and have music in the background, and stream to twitch, and blah blah blah. Any one who says console gaming is better is a dirty liar.20151201_171225[1]

(Before final build, don’t mind the poor cable management)

The thing that got me to make the switch was, when I got out of boot camp most of the clan had gone to League of Legends. This led me to buying my first laptop which I accidentally destroyed because it was not meant to run games like skyrim… OOPS. My next laptop I bought right before my first deployment is one im actually happy I bought. An HP Envy with the FM2+ 2.1 GHz quadcore AMD APU with 6GBs of RAM. Originally I had windows 8.1 on it, and with the touch screen it wasnt to bad, everyone I know hated windows 8 but it performed just fine for me. Currently that has been upgraded to the 4.0 GHz APU and 12 GBs of RAM, the advantage with the APU is it has the GPU built in, and it will use system memory as VRAM. I love AMD over Intel becuase of the gaming aspect, my laptop runs pretty hot but not hot enough to thermal throttle though, so for now I’m good. between my Blue Rocket and my laptop I can game pretty much whenever I want to whether in country or not.

Now on the topic of my statement earlier, “PC is superior”, IT IS! For many Reasons:
– MORE POWER!!! My XBOX One does not have the juice to run anything better than my PC because the Xbox is limited and cannot be upgraded.

-CUSTOMIZATION: PCs can be upgraded and customized, She’s not called the Blue Rocket for nothing, she is blue. My favorite color, Blue LEDs, blue RAM moduals, and blue fans. I want to add blue water cooling in there too but I can’t afford it… for now.20151201_171810[1]

-GAMES AND MODS: Yes you can get Fallout 4 and Rainbow 6 Siege on consoles but lets talk mods, when was the last time you heard of someone modding there Xbox with texture packs… not recently right. This does come with a price because most cheaters and hackers are PC gamers sadly, but have you seen my texture pack for Age of Empires?
So that’s it guys, I want to know what you’re gaming on big, small laptop or l33t gaming machine let me know in the comments below.

As always I’m Qwik33 for Ud1eBy Gaming,



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