Two Golden Rules to Handling a Role Change in League of Legends

Hey Guys,

While Ud1eBy trains up for the 2016 season, many of us have had to move positions. Personally I have made the move from adc to mid.  While this isn’t something I necessarily wanted to do, it was a move that benefited the whole team.


Below I will describe the steps I took to settle into the new role. 


1.  Reflect on how your team can benefit most from you in your new role.

For example, if you have a young team and you have been moved to jungle, perhaps it would be a good idea to play a jungler such as Vi. Vi can really lock down a champion when ganking.  This gives the laner a bit of “forgiveness” when trying to react to your gank.

In my situation, I felt that the team was young so I did just that.  I’ve decided to pick up Zyra and Malzahar.  Though they serve a different purpose, for my team, the purpose is the same, disrupt the enemy team.  As our tanks learn to peel for our carries more, I may switch back to my true love of assassins, but for now, the team needs me to play a more support based mid lane.

2Pick no more than three champions to practice for the first six months.

This is the hardest step for people to handle in the game.  People are always so concerned about what champion counters another, yet, this is not as important as people think.  Just because you are countered in a lane doesn’t mean that you can’t win the lane by outplaying your opponent.  When making a role change the first thing you want to do is find two or three champs and learn them.  When I say learn them, it doesn’t matter if it is ranked or it is an ARAM, you have one of the three champs locked in.  Some may say, “ANARCHIST, do I really have to play NOTHING but these champs for SIX MONTHS!”.  The correct answer, yes… yes you do!  You should dream of laning these champs.  Below I’ve added a nice little checklist to breakdown this argument and help you better understand why I tell everyone to hit a couple champs hard when switching lanes.

  • If you are like me, you have a job that you work at for at least forty hours a week.  This being said, you don’t have another forty hours a week to throw at League of Legends.
  • On top of this, if you have a significant other, you will probably be throwing a good amount of your spare time towards him or her.
  • Lastly, if your relatives are like mine, they have 500 reasons a year why you can’t have your weekend and should devote it to the family instead.
Now if you aren’t like me and this isn’t your situation, move to the next article BUT I have a pretty good feeling most of you are still with me.  Now, the revolutionary question that might piss some of you off.


What makes you so special?

Professional players target a couple champions and log at least forty hours a week on a particular handful of champions.  If you want to be the best, or even slightly successful, what makes you SO MUCH BETTER than these professionals?  You are logging maybe 2 hours on each champion each week?  I play with people from time to time that NEVER lock in the same champions twice.  I’m not trying to offend anyone, once again, just dishing out facts.  You will never be a professional player by constantly rotating your champion pool.

O….K…. I may have ranted a bit there.  Now let me gather my composure and continue with the post!  If you are moving to a new position it is more important than ever to make sure you narrow your selection down.  Practicing only a few champions when you change lanes helps you in the following ways.

  1. You will learn how to face your counters.
  2. You will find normality in your gameplay which will lead you to learn better laning.  Once you have your champion down, you can practice the finer things like keeping your CS up.
  3. Your team will learn how to play with your picks much easier.  If the whole team narrows their picks, everyone will gain synergy much quicker.
The ONLY NEGATIVE you might run into is you might be banned out a bit, though, this can easily be avoided.  If you follow the two roles I’ve laid out above your team will benefit and the rev up time to the ranked season will be cut in half.  As always it has been a pleasure and if you took the time to read this it would mean the world to get a comment or two below!!!
Best Regards,

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