Smite Battleground of the Gods


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Hey guys B3ast here,

MOBA’s  are becoming a big category in the gaming world. Smite showed up out of nowhere and is taking the world by storm. This post will be a comparison of the game to League of Legends (LOL).  Smite is a different  point of view for a MOBA, instead of aerial view it’s in third person.


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With the third person aspect you are placed in the middle of the action. You get to see everything the Gods see, that is to say, when playing you see without a fog of war mechanic which allows the player to see everything in his characters field of vision. This greatly enhances your ability to detect ganks and other enemy maneuvers as compared to the traditional aerial view. This forces players to develop skill when performing maneuvers and attacks. The only set back with this point of view that you do not see the other players on far corners of the map which makes getting tower dove at level 3 or something like that possible. You just have to watch the mini-map a lot more in the game.


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Now this is a MOBA, its still an objective based game getting towers, killing jungle monsters, and killing enemy players are still important. There are 3 lanes but unlike LOL its vertical not diagonal. If you look at the map you see that the right side is a lot longer that the other lanes. This is what in League terms is the “Bot Lane,” you send your Adc (Hunter) and Support (Guardian) to that lane. The mid will always be the Mages in MOBA’s. The Top lane is the “Solo Lane” where you send your fighters. To the jungle you send your mobile Assassins and other high damage people. As far as the map layout unlike most MOBA’s, in Smite to spawn “Super Minions” you need to kill a phoenix. In order to win the game you have to kill the enemy’s Titan, in League terms that is the nexus, but here is the twist that nexus will fight back and kill you if you let it.

TitanOrder      TitanChaos

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The rest of this post will be me talking about the various roles, taking it one at a time.



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Mages are high damage ranged carries. Spells are their bread and butter, and they use mana like crazy. Mages are really strong in Smite, but like any other game once focused they will fall pretty fast.



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Hunters are the Attack damage carry of the Smite world. High damage and high attack speed, but need a support to help them out through the beginning of the game.




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Assassins are high damage and very mobile Gods. Most of them function as junglers in Smite. Their mobility and high damage together can make for some strong ganks.




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Guardians are the supports of smite. They are very tanky, with shields and lots of Crowd Control. They go to the longest lane with the Adc. Some of the supports can function as mages, but the strongest ones are the tanky ones that can go in and set up kills for the Adc.




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Warriors are those beefy Gods that have some damages and some durability. They can be that front line and deal damage and because of this mostly go into the solo lane, however, some can jungle.


This game while being in that third person view is very fun. In a way you become that character and get to see what they see and how they act. High-Rez did a really good job with game overall. The big thing that I really like about this game is that some of the Gods interact with one another. What I mean by this is that some Gods when they kill other Gods will have different lines. When the Sun God Ra kills Neith the Weaver of Fate, Ra will scream “You should of brought sunscreen Neith!” They also interact with the items the players buy as well. I would recommend to all MOBA players, get this game, it is so much fun to play. It will take some time to get used to playing in third person but I would give this a 9/10 for a MOBA.

Thanks guys let me know what you think!





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