Crusader Kings II: Gavelkind Succession and Elective Monarchy

Hey Guys,

As most of you know, I LOVE to play real time strategy games.  One that I have grown quite fond of is Crusader Kings II.  If you are just getting into the game, you may be quite frustrated the first time your character dies as your land may possibly be divided into many different countries depending on the type of laws you have.  If your land has been split into what seems like a thousand pieces, you probably had a gavelkind succession law in place.

Gavelkind succession can crush you as it dictates that all your land will be divided up between sons.  Elective monarchy, another law that can be past,  allows you and your vassals to elect the next leader of the land.  Depending on what age you have started, gavelkind succession may be something you can’t avoid.


I’ve started in Ireland, I only have two territory.  The year is 763 and I’m 46 years old with two sons.  Now, according to gavelkind succession, my land will be divided when I die.  Of course, this is something I want to avoid but I have not adopted feudalism yet (feudalism is required to make an inheritance change).  So now, what do I do?  You can go with 90% of the internet out there and kill one of your sons but why go through all this?!?  Instead, imprison the second son and force him to “Take his vows”.  At this point one of the sons will not be allowed to inherit and your problem is solved.

Now, Let’s say we have created our stone hillfort and have maximum tribal authority.  Let’s get to Feudalism!  In the feudal age things are much better, one amazing thing that occurs in the feudal age is elective monarchy.  Elective monarchy allows you and your vassals to vote for the next ruler of the land.


You don’t want to end up on reddit like this guy!

The reason this guy is pouting is because he had an elective monarchy and at some point, his vassals decided not to vote for the next heir, rather another vassal.  There is nothing worst than dying with three sons and realizing none of them were nominated!!

In conclusion, laws can be difficult in Crusader Kings II.  Paying attention to how much people like you and who will inherit will help you greatly when moving through the ages.  This post just scratches the surface a bit.  If you would like more information regarding Crusader Kings II please come check out our stream, we tend to stream it from time to time (stream embedded on home page)!

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