Cosplay Corner: First Edition

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.”

-Kate Spade-

Ud1eby recently had the pleasure of connecting with Nat Romanov, a 22 year old cos-player from Germany. When we asked her if there was anything she wanted us to include about her work, she said this: “I don’t know if there’s really anything to say about me. I’m just a normal, a bit crazy, and geeky girl.” Her passion and dedication shine through every character that she creates. Nat has graciously let us showcase her talent and this week we are happy to present one of our favorites; her recreation of the Black Widow from the Marvel comic widow nat romanov cosplayCheck out Nat’s Twitter and Facebook to view more of her work.

nat romanov black widow pic 5

Who are some of your favorite cosplay artists? What characters would you like to see more cosplay for? ISN’T COSPLAY AWESOME? We welcome your feedback!

As always, GL and HF!


3 responses to “Cosplay Corner: First Edition

    • Nat Romanov is her cosplay name. I tend to refer to our cosplay artists by their stage name. (She really likes to cosplay different interpretations of Black Widow, so I’m assuming that’s why their names are so close.)

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