Cosplay Corner: Second Edition

I was originally going to wait until next week to post again, but I just couldn’t wait to share this amazing cosplay with you all. I recently connected with the extremely talented Australian cosplayer, Alithia. Now this girl cosplays a wide variety of characters; everything from Velma from “Scooby Doo” to Frieza from “Dragon Ball Z.” While it was a very difficult decision to decide which costumes we would feature, this edition is dedicated to her “League of Legends” cosplay. Her cosplay is so detailed that it almost mimics the original characters.

First, we have Kitty Kat Katarina. Photo credits go to Lorenzo So Photography@TeamAlithia kitty kat katarina.jpg  photo lorenzo so@TeamAlithia kitty kat katarina

Second, we have Red Card Katarina. Photo creit goes to Dark Age Photography.

@TeamAlithia red card katarina photo dark age photography

Thirdly, she showcases a wonderful Snow Bunny Nidalee shoot. Photo credit goes to Lorenzo So Photography.

@TeamAlithia snow bunny nidalee

@TeamAlithia snow bunny nidalee 2.jpg

Next, we have her Sivir cosplay creation.

@TeamAlithia snow sivir cosplay.jpg-large


Finally, here is Alithia’s cosplay creation for Woad Ashe. Photo credits go to James Edwards Freelance.

@TeamAlithia woad ashe photo james edwards freelance

@TeamAlithia woad ashe photo james edwards freelance.jpg 2.jpg

Okay, I lied. One more. Alithia’s Udyr cosplay is awesome! Photo credits go to Lorenzo So Photography.

@TeamAlithia udyr photo lorenzo photography.png

Want to view more of Alithia’s amazing work?  Visit her FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You can also see her on her Twitch Stream!

I’ll admit, “League of Legends” cosplay is my favorite. But in general, I’m always in awe when I see cosplayers and their work. Seeing the intricate pieces and parts that go together to create the final product fascinates and amazes me!

What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite “League of Legends” character to cosplay? (I’m a sucker for any Katarina cosplay.)

As Always, GL and HF



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