The Elder Scrolls Online – A single player MMO

MMORPG’s have always had a special place in my ever growing gamer heart. It started out with Runescape, as did it for so many others. Then it went to the more “hardcore” World of Warcraft, where I’ve spent the past 9 years or so. I’ve tried out other MMO’s such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 and WildStar, but nothing has ever had the same effect and impact on me as the game I picked up two weeks ago.

This picture and others, can be found here

After several months of pondering and contemplating, I finally decided to try out The Elder Scrolls Online. My first ever experience with The Elder Scrolls series was Skyrim, so I’m no old fanboy, but I’ve grown attached to the series nonetheless.

I was looking forward to play, what I thought would be Skyrim Multiplayer, but that’s not what I got. Not at all. What I got was a complete unique experience, something I haven’t had in any other MMORPG, and something I haven’t gotten from any other game in a very, very long time.
I have only played the game for about two weeks, but I haven’t felt this excited for months. to rush home from work, boot up my PC and log on to my Nord Templar. Unlike WoW or any other MMO, ESO gives you the feeling that you are actually in the universe you’re playing, and not just controlling an avatar. You engage with the NPC’s, (which, by the way, all have voice actors. Sure, some are way better than others, but voice actors nonetheless), you decide if you want to kill certain people, you have to choose between being an honest hero, or a lying scoundrel.
Only a few hours ago, I was helping out a poor woman, who had lost the love of her life. I sought out the ghost of the man, who turned out to be an asshole that used this poor woman, and was only making her believe that he loved her. After discovering this, I return to the woman and now I have to make a decision:

  • Tell her the truth, that she was being used. This seems like the right choice, but it’ll break her heart.
  • Tell her you didn’t find the guys ghost. She will then search for it till the day she dies.
  • Lie to her, make her believe he still loves her. She will be happy to hear this, and will kill herself, to be with the man forever.

All 3 options are horrible, but you have to pick one. I decided to tell her the truth, and she broke her heart. I then left her crying, to go back to my adventure. But alas, an hour later I find her body with her ghost next to it crying. Turns out she was so devastated, that she killed herself.
Damnit, my choice made her kill herself. Great. I didn’t think I would be playing a game where I had to make these decisions, and where I’d feel so guilty, but in a game that is so immersive as ESO, you don’t have a choice.

The Elder Scrolls Online also gives you the chance to be whoever you want to be. Do you want to be a big badass warrior, who jumps into battle? Go ahead, be the Dragonknight or Templar. Do you want to be sneaky? Pick the Nighblade. Healer? Go Sorcerer!
These all seem to be pretty standard choices though, but what ESO does, is it gives you the chance to pick different abilities and combat styles, so that you can pick whatever role you want to be. I’ve picked a spellcasting Templar, that runs in to the face of the enemy and shove my fire and frost spells up their arses. Normally I shouldn’t be able to do this. Either you’re using swords in melee, or you’re standing way back and using spells! But ESO doesn’t care. ESO does what it wants!

You pick what you want. You play what you want. You do what you want.

533756This picutre and others, can be found here

I’m only 2 weeks into this game. 14 levels out of 15. One adventure out of a million. The game has only just started, and I can’t wait to explore it more!


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