Cosplay Corner: Third Edition

Welcome to another edition of “Cosplay Corner” folks! This week’s featured cosplayer is the gorgeous Giulietta Zawadzki. This English cosplayer has quite the extensive portfolio; doing not just cosplay but also an artist specializing in digital drawing and comic book art. (She also makes all of her own costumes, INCLUDING armor!)

While we were not able to connect with her to conduct a formal interview; we are so happy and appreciative that we connected with Giulietta. (This girl is super busy, always traveling and being a bad ass cosplayer!)

“I am also interested in how female characters are represented in the gaming industry. Employing painting, digital drawing and costume making, I am exploring the sexualization and objectification of female protagonists and observing the evolution of their roles. My work is there to celebrate strong female characters and question the ubiquitous use of ‘scanty armor’ within these digital representations.”

I had such a hard time picking which photos to showcase, so here are a few of Ud1eBy’s favorites!

Amber from Sucker Punch


Oblivion Daedric from Elder Scrolls

The Alien Queen from Alien Vs. Predator

Blood Moon Akali from League of Legends

Last but certainly not least, Kitty Kat Katarina from League of Legends.

Make sure you check out her Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Website to view more of her amazing work!

(If you couldn’t already tell, Katarina is my ABSOLUTE favorite League of Legends character.) HOW COULD ANYONE NOT LOVE KATARINA?

It is my New Years resolution to make a cosplay creation of my very own! What are your resolutions? Any ideas of who I should cosplay? There are so many options!!! We appreciate any and all feedback from you guys, so don’t be shy!

As Always, GL and HF


2 responses to “Cosplay Corner: Third Edition

  1. I.. I actually really hate Katarina.. Sorry..!

    But damn, those are some good cosplays, I especially love the Alien Queen, it’s really cleverly made. Her Oblivion one is also really good, I love seeing badass armors, makes me happy!

    Keep up the good posts firstlady!

    • Thank you, I appreciate it!

      How could you hate Katarina?! Of course I’m kidding, to each their own. (I hate Ekko, for example.)

      Her armor is ridiculously cool. Very intricate, which I can totally appreciate. Armor make me happy too!

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