Hearthstone: Adventures League of Explorers!


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Hey everybody B3ast here,

I got a new adventure for those Hearthstone players out there. As most of you know this adventure has been out for quite a while I have recently picked it up. I have purchased the other two adventures for Hearthstone. Now the other two are good they give you some over powered cards but this new one just about every card they give is broken. I am going to just name a few of them in this review on the adventure. Now the story of this adventure takes you following four explorers  Elise Starseeker, Reno Jackson,Sir Mrrgglton, and Brann Bronzebeard as they go looking for the Staff of Origination. As you pass threw each wing you unlock cards and pieces of the staff.  I am going to go over a few of the cards I feel like are worth getting this adventure.


Reno Jackson:


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Reno Jackson is a legendary card that is a 6 mana 4 attack and 6 health, his battlecry is that when you play him if you have no more of the same card your hero is restored to full health. This card is really good to counter aggro decks. Being healed to full health just knocks the wind out of aggro decks sails.  Reno is really good in warlock decks you are able to use your hero power alot more.


Brann Bronzebeard:


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Brann is a 3 mana, 2 attack, and 4 health he lets your battle cries trigger twice. This means your cards that have battle cries activate twice, for example antique heal bot heals for eight but with Brann he will heal for sixteen. You can also have other cards summon minions twice as well. Dr.Boom his battle cry is summon two boom bots with Brann its four boom bots.

Elise Starseeker:


Elise is a 4 mana, 3 attack and 5 health when she is summoned she shuffles the golden monkey into your deck.



Golden Monkey: 


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The golden monkey is an interesting card, with it costing only 4 mana, 6 attack and 6 health also its a taunt. Once played it replaces all of your minions in your hand and deck to legendary minions. Every single minion gets turned into legendary ones, like Sylvanas, and Malygos are just examples.


There are just dozens of other cards that you unlock threw the solo adventure and class challenges.  I would recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to move up in the ranks. You can make the bomb plays if you make it to late game with the golden monkey. I would give this adventure a 8.5/10.





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