Basic Fast Feudal Build

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Flush – Age of Empires II

Feudal Rushing, or ‘Flushing’ is the technique of building into a fast Feudal Age, and attacking your enemy early. Normally to the benefit of causing enough economic damage to set your opponent back, while you steam roll ahead and take the game.

Flushing has been an integral part of the Age of Empires II meta game almost since its release; and there are many variations on this strategy: The Galley Rush (or Grush), the Archer Flush, the Scout Rush (or Scrush), and the Tower Rush (or Trush) just to name a few. All of these variations are used for much the same purpose: to cause early economic damage by means of killing Villagers/Fishing ships, zoning your opponent off resources and just general map control.

Now, there are pros and cons to each of these different methods, and each one is certainly situational. The Scout Rush, for example, works well on very ‘open’ maps (like Arabia), but is likely to cause you more economic damage by making them on more ‘closed’ maps (like Mongolia). Scouts have good speed for a rush, but are easy to counter, and so on. So it always wise to consider variables like the map, civilizations, and scouting information, before executing any particular strategy.

Here I will show you a generalized Dark Age build order to get you to the Feudal Age in good time, ready for a Flush. If this article gets enough interest I will share my more specific builds and how to execute the Flush itself.


The Opening

Upon beginning the game, there a several actions that you should learn, they will become your ‘Opening’ for almost every game. (with the exceptions of civs with non-standard starts)

  • First, with the 3 villagers that you have, construct 2 houses, with 2 villagers on 1 house, and 1 on the other. (remember to leave space around your Town Centre (TC), for farms), once the houses are complete send them to gather sheep.

  • Next queue up 4 villagers in your TC, if you have sheep already captured, send 2 of them under the TC and set a gather point for one of them.
  • Scouting! I recommend control-grouping your Scout (ctrl+1), and begin scouting around your TC in concentric circles, your aim is to find all your sheep (which you can use for a little scouting, before sending them under the TC), your closest wood line, your 2 boar, your berries, your 2 gold piles, and your 2 stone piles.

The Build Order

This build is for a 21 Villager Feudal Age, 22 Population in total.

1-3: After your opening send these to gather sheep under the TC

4-6: Send these to gather sheep under the TC

7: Build a lumber camp on safest/closest wood line

8-9: Send these to gather wood at new lumber camp

10: Lure 1st boar (I recommend luring your front boar first to prevent laming), while luring; build a house with a villager that is on wood, remember to send them back to gather wood after completing the house

11: Build a mill on your berry bushes

12-13: Send to berries

14: Lure 2nd boar, build another house with villager on wood as before

15: Send to berries

16-17: Send to wood

18-19: Build 2 farms around TC, also build 2 farms with injured villagers from the boar lures (this will keep injured villagers safe)

20-21: Send these to gather from sheep/boar, alternatively, build 2 more farms for a total of 6


Advance to the Feudal Age!

You Should have a total of 16 villagers on food, and 5 on wood.

  • I also recommend splitting your lumber camps when possible after advancing, This will not only help efficiency, but also help keep your villagers safe from raiding.

With practice this build should be able to get you feudal before the 11 minute mark. This is a build I have learned watching many expert games, and it can be adapted into any kind of feudal aggression, to which I will elaborate on in future posts.

I am by no means an expert player myself, so please feel free to leave comments with your variations on Dark Age build orders, I’d love to try them out!


With Wololo’s;



One response to “Basic Fast Feudal Build

  1. I still, and will always refuse to buy loom. No real reason, I just like to be different!

    Good guide though, I’ll see if I can use it next time I’m kicking Tyler’s ass!

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