Cosplay Corner: Fourth Edition

Welcome to another edition of “Cosplay Corner”, your visits and views are always appreciated. This week our featured cosplayer is the wonderful Ynotece. Ynotece is a 26 year old child daycare provider that lives in France, near Paris. She is a relatively new to cosplay, but we are excited to follow her very promising career. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, and she is such a delight.

FirstLady: What got you interested in cosplay?

Ynotece: I love to create things, I mean, I really need that, it fuels my life. Cosplay is the best way to mix all my passions together: video games (pop culture), painting, sewing, make up and sport! Every cosplay is a challenge: to get the best result, as close as possible of the model you have, by using all techniques or imagine new ones. When you have grown up with video games, you’ve dreamed about becoming as your childhood models, cosplay allows it. Another part of cosplay I love is the possibility to meet and collaborate with a lot of talented and nice people at cons or for some projects (shootings, etc). And the travel, I love that!

FirstLady: What is your favorite cosplay outfit?

Ynotece: I don’t have many cosplays, I’m still a “baby cosplayer” but my Snowstorm Sivir from League of Legends is my favorite one: it’s a mix between armor parts and some nice and original clothes. It’s comfortable, sexy and got nice lights on it! A mix between the warrior and the women I try to be.

FirstLady: What advice would you give new cosplayers?

Ynotece: Be curious, and DARE!!! I receive a lot of messages from news cosplayers asking me some help or just telling me that they’re afraid of starting cosplay. But they’re no competition, no rules and no limits to what they can create. All information you need are available on internet. So do what you love and how you love to do it, and the result be certainly excellent!

FirstLady: What is the hardest aspect about being a cosplayer?

Ynotece: For me, the only source of stress that I can have from cosplay is deadlines: finish a costume in time for a con, for a shoot or for contest! I don’t love being stressed by time, I love taking my time to be satisfied of what I’ve done, especially when your cosplay costed about 300$ (sometime more). I don’t want to waste my money and my time by rushing a project and being disappointed at the end of some details.

FirstLady: Pick a quote that describes your personality.

Ynotece: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Maybe describe the most perfectly my personality: I think the power of mind is the most powerful ability of humans. If you dream about something and you want it strongly, you’ll do everything to succeed. We’re all superheroes =)

She is such a sweetheart, so down to earth; and she’s a pretty damn good cosplayer too! Below, I’ve showcased a few of my favorites. Be sure to check out Ynotece’s TwitterFacebookInstagram and Twitch Stream!

Snowstorm  Sivir from League Legends. Photo credit to BLUFF Lab Photography.

Katarina from League of Legends. Photo credit to BLUFF Lab Photography.

Forecast Janna from League of Legends. Photography credit to BLUFF Lab Photography

Janna 2

Want to see more of Ynotece’s work? Check out her TwitterFacebookInstagram and Twitch Stream!

I’m loving all of the League of Legend cosplay; my favorite type of cosplay, after all. Ynotece did an amazing job, look at all the detail on her Sivir cosplay, and the armor on Katarina! And that Forecast Janna picture looks amazing! So much work went into these three creations, and the dedication definitely shows.

We always love your feedback, comments, questions, jokes; whatever communication you choose. Have a new game you are playing? Tell us about it, we are always looking to expand our knowledge of videogames and movies.

As Always, GL and HF



One response to “Cosplay Corner: Fourth Edition

  1. Oh yay.. Look.. another Katarina! The Janna cosplay looks really great, and the “alternative” angle of it, makes it seem like it could be a “real life” person!

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