Water Build Guide

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Ultimate Water Build!

                               – For Age of Empires II

Continuing with the proclamation of my deep love of Feudal Age warfare, here I will be explaining my simple build order for those pesky water maps!

The Galley Rush (Grush), is a strategy that is deeply set in the AoEII meta game. First and foremost, Grushing provides a means inflicting economic damage to your opponent by destroying their investment in fishing ships, ultimately allows you the means of safely investing in fish yourself, as you are able to defend them, and if you can win the fight for water control outright, gives you a huge amount of map and resource control, thus simultaneously opening up opportunities for you to expand your economy, prep a landing, and even ‘blockade’ your opponent in a small area.

This is my build order pre the African Kingdoms expansion, I am not yet sure how the new feudal ships will change up the meta game. But if you are trying this build on AK, just keep the counter ‘triangle’ in mind, maybe try substituting the galley for the fire galley.

With this build the key is to having a very fast feudal time with the goal being able to produce galleys from 3 docks non-stop.


The Opening

As with all games, your opening will be the same (see previous guide). It is important to scout your area very quickly, as you will need your scout for luring deer a bit later.

The Build Order

1-3: After your opening send these to gather sheep under the TC

4-6: Send these to gather sheep under the TC

7: Build a lumber camp on safest/closest wood line

8-10: Send these to gather wood at new lumber camp

11: Lure 1st boar. While luring boar, send one villager gathering from sheep, to build a house by the shore (try to choose a spot where you think there will be big fish)

12-13: Send these to gather from the boar/sheep under the TC. Now is a good time to start pushing deer into your TC with your scout

14: Send to wood line. Also, with the villager who build you house by the shore, build a dock there now.

15: Lure 2nd boar. Build house with the villager that built the dock, when complete send to food under TC

16-20: Send these to gather food under the TC. Whenever you can afford a fishing ship, create one and have it gather from nearest fish (not shore fish)


Advance to feudal!

You should be looking to advance with 24-25 population (20 villagers, 1 scout, 3-4 fishing ships)

Once you have clicked up to feudal it is time to change your economy drastically:

Send 4 villagers from under the TC to mine gold, one villager to build a second dock and the rest to build a new lumber camp and gather wood. (to prevent idle time you can have villagers gather from straggler trees around your TC while you do this)

Make sure to add houses with your dock builder as your population is going to dramatically rise.

Once you hit feudal research ‘bit axe’ at the lumber camp straight away, then queue 2 galleys at your docks, and begin making more villagers at the TC. After this, as soon as you can, build your third dock and begin making galleys from it.

Send your galleys to harass enemy docks and fishing ships, and be sure to keep a close eye on enemy galleys coming to do the same to you.

With the villagers now being created at the TC be sure to start adding them to food, take any remainder sheep/deer, and mill your berries. Add one more villager to gold as well.

When you can build a blacksmith and research ‘fletching’

From here, keep creating galleys and try to micro them as best you can. Also be sure to keep up villager production, you want to be continuing to add villagers to food so you can get to the castle age in a decent time.

As always I hope that this guide is helpful in wining your water wars, if you have any ideas on how African Kingdoms might change the meta game here, be sure to let me know, or even show me in a game on our twitch channel!



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