Cosplay Corner: Fifth Edition

Hello all, and welcome to yet another edition of Cosplay Corner! This week we are featuring the beautiful Rachel from Intraventus Cosplay! (You MUST check out her website and Facebook; absolutely amazing stuff!) Rachel is an American model/cosplayer that has a very diverse portfolio, seriously: there’s something for everyone. I’m going to kick things off with my favorite supports from League of Legends, Janna!

Janna from League of Legends. Photography credit to Sateriale Productions.

Poisen Ivy from Batman Comics. Photography credit to Cyberhead Designs.

Femme Sub-Zero Deception from Mortal Kombat. Photography credit to Affliction Cosplay Photography.

Lady Death from Eternity Comics. Photography credit to M9 Cosplay.

Remember to check out her website, Facebook and Twitter to see more of her amazing work.

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! (And she makes it all, even the shoes in some cases!) Bravo, very well done! Which was your favorite? I was originally going to say Janna, but it’s a really tough choice! I’m amazed by her diversity, she does new school video-game characters, old school comic book characters with a twist and everything in-between.

So, what looks are we hoping for in 2016?! I’d like to see a female Deadpool, personally. I can’t wait for the new movie!! We always love your feedback, questions and comments! Playing a new video-game? Tell us about it! We are always looking for new games to play and review. Have a cosplayer that you really enjoy? Tell us, and we will contact them to feature on our page!

As always, GL and HF




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