Fighting for Nosgoth

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So for the past couple of day me and Ud1eBy have been playing this game Nosgoth. My first impression was that this game didn’t look entertaining. Then once I played the game it changed my whole opinion. Now the game is still in early access so there are still quite a few bugs, and some stuff that needs to be balanced. The game takes place in Nosgoth which the Vampires have control over. The Humans are trying to take over Nosgoth from the Vampires which is causing this big war. The Humans are like the rebels from Star Wars. When you play the game as the Vampires you will hear them say death to the rebels. Lets jump right into the game.



Humans (Rebels) 

Now the Humans are fighting to take control from the Vampires but as most of ya’ll know Vampires are ruthless. They are stronger, faster and have certain abilities that Humans just can’t match. With all that being said Humans are Humans; they survive no matter the cost and they will keep fighting to bitter end. Some humans have developed some abilities and have technology that the Vampires do not have. From what I have gathered from this game the Humans are using the classic “Vampire hunter gimmick” Crossbows, Fire, Throwing Knives, etc. The humans have a lot of weapons in their arsenal. In my opinion playing as the Humans is really hard due to the fact the Vampires are just really strong to fight against. If you come out on top as the Humans vs the Vampires it means you did something really right and your team is really strong. The big difference is that face the Humans have range on the Vampires, if they miss their abilities they have to come into melee range of the Humans. With that being said I still feel as though the Humans are way under powered against the Vampires, which is one of the balance changes I was talking about.



Vampires (Empire) 

They Vampires’s kits are not perfect, but they are really good at killing Humans which is the point of the game. They also have five classes which each do different things in order to kill the rebel scum. The big difference if you noticed the in the pictures the most of the Vampires have three abilities instead of two like the Humans have. They are like your basic Vampires, they are strong, fast, and can climb walls and high buildings. Now Humans can’t do that mainly because they take fall damage and Vampires do not. With that being said you can make some really sneaky plays with the Vampires, you can drop right on top of the Humans and make them scatter then pick off the weak ones. The big thing I can say about the Vampires is that you should remember you are hunting them. Be the hunter! Don’t just run in there, you’ll die if they spot you. Just follow your prey and wait for them to make a mistake.




Playing this game is really fun, I really like the mechanics in this game, and it brings me back to my Gears of War days. The rolling around and running and fighting creatures of the night is really fun. My biggest thing is some balance changes, like giving the Humans a little more push; by that I mean damage. I am not saying I am the greatest Nosgoth player in the world but I do feel like the Vampires have a lot more on the table as far as damage is concern. Other than that, I really am glad that Ud1eByRonJeremy showed me, and the rest of Ud1eBy, this game. I would recommend this game to other people if you like 3rd person shooters and playing as creatures of the night.

Graphics: 9.4/10

Storyline: 4.3/10

Gameplay: 9.8/10

Multiplayer: 8.9/10

Overall: 8.1/10

One dead Grub!









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