Cosplay Corner: Seventh Edition

Hello, hello! Welcome to another edition of Cosplay Corner! This week, I connected with Alejandro Valentín Fernández Moret from Vrael Cosplay. What’s even cooler, is that Illisia (last week’s featured cosplayer) is a friend of his and they do quite a bit of work together! Alejandro, 24, lives in Spain and works with dental prosthesis; specifically 3D models. Make sure you check out his Facebook and Twitter to see more of his spectacular work!

FirstLady: What got you interested in cosplay?

Vrael:  I started cosplaying when my friend Illisia took me to a convention. I knew a lot of people and I really enjoyed being my favorite character for one day.

FirstLady: What is your favorite cosplay outfit?

Vrael: I think that Mako from Legend of Korra, because its comfortable and easy to transport.

FirstLady:What advice would you give new cosplayers?

Vrael:Never give up and try new materials that suit your objectives (LED, Wood for weapons…)

FirstLady: Pick a quote that describes your personality.

Vrael: Work until your idols become your rivals.

I love that quote, it fits cosplay very well. With cosplay, what you put into it is what you get out of it. This is definitely true with Alejandro’s work; it is fantastic!

Jayce from League of Legends, photography credit to Jesus Clares Photography

Mako from Legend of Korra, photography goes to Illisia Cosplay.

Rugged Garen from League of Legends, photography credit to Compecarrillo Photography.

Last Dragonborn from Skyrim, photography credit to Peck Photography.

Daenerys Targaryen, played by Illisia Cosplay and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, photography credit to Tarzán de los Gnomos Photography.

Is everyone else looking at those weapons and armor? He makes ALL of those himself! Absolutely amazing, I mean the time it must have taken… the finished products are beautiful! There is so much attention to detail for each character, which results in incredible accuracy. Make sure you keep a look out for Alejandro’s future work; I know I can’t wait to see more! Make sure you check out his Facebook and Twitter to see more of his spectacular work and follow him for future pieces!

What characters do you guys want to see? I still am looking for some Deadpool cosplay, but have been incredibly impressed with the Suicide Squad cosplay I’ve been seeing. So many great pictures of the Joker and Harley Quin, my two favorite characters. I love hearing from you guys, so tell me what’s on your mind in the cosplay scene?

We always love your feedback, questions and comments! Playing a new video-game? Tell us about it! We are always looking for new games to play and review. Have a cosplayer that you really enjoy? Tell us, and we will contact them to feature on our page!

As always, GL and HF






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