Cosplay Corner: Ninth Edition

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day, I know I did. (I ate a ridiculously large amount of chocolate covered fruit, mission accomplished!) I have a very special treat for any and all cosplay fans out there. This week, I have a video that features two of our past featured pals; Illisia Cosplay and Vrael Cosplay. This video is a League of Legends 4v5 fight featuring: Vi, Udyr, Katarina. Ezreal, Riven, Jayce, Poppy, Kayle and Draven. A HUGE shout out to the extremely talented cast in this film, and it’s creator Cameko Sam.

Vi: Belify Bel Cosplay
Udyr: Owlsito de mierda
Katarina:  Illisia Cosplay
Ezreal: Zihark Cosplay
Riven: Chachimina Cosplay
Jayce: Vrael Cosplay
Poppy: AnniaHY Cosplay
Kayle: Motoko Kagemusha Cosplay
Draven: Taku Cosplay

The creator and person responsible for: Production, Direction, Photography, Camera, Edit, Visual effects, Color grade and Sound: Cameko Sam. Absolutely stunning, fantastic job!

HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT VIDEO?! This reminded me of the League of Legends Cinematic’s that the release from time to time. (Which I watch all the time, at least 3 times a week, ha-ha.) All of the costumes and characters are spot on and the weapons that they made are superb! I was impressed by the line up, a very solid team to fight! (I know I wouldn’t want to fight either team, I’d be mince meat!) Make sure you check out all of their pages to view more of their amazing work, I know I definitely will!

We always love your feedback, questions and comments! Playing a new video-game? Tell us about it! We are always looking for new games to play and review. Have a cosplayer that you really enjoy? Tell us, and we will contact them to feature on our page!

As always, GL and HF


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