Cosplay Corner: Tenth Edition

What’s going on, guys?! Welcome to my tenth edition of Cosplay Corner, where we love all things cosplay! In honor of the TENTH edition, I wanted to show case some of my favorite pictures that I’ve came across. (Disclaimer: I understand that to most of you, publishing 10 articles doesn’t seem like much, well I am pretty much the most inconsistent person you’ll ever meet. In fact the only consistent trait about myself is my inconsistency, so you now see why I’m so excited.)

I also wanted to thank our fan base and readers; seriously guys, your support means everything to us. We notice each new follower, comment and view; from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You guys are the reason why we run this site.

Okay enough mushy stuff, lets check out some radical cosplay!!

Photography: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography
Leggings by POPRAGEOUS.
Model, Armor, Sword, Helmet: Intraventus

Model: Illisia Cosplay
Photography: Vrael Cosplay

Model: Ynotece Cosplay
Photography: BLUFF lab (Sivir/Katarina) & THONE Studio (Janna).


HOW COOL ARE THOSE COSTUMES! I love the detail. I’m in awe with their skills, pure skill. Shout out to all the talented ladies, remember to check out their pages, all are listed above their pictures! Which is your favorite? Do you guys have a favorite cosplayer that we’ve featured?

We always love your feedback, questions and comments! Playing a new video-game? Tell us about it! We are always looking for new games to play and review. Have a cosplayer that you really enjoy? Tell us, and we will contact them to feature on our page!

As always, GL and HF


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