Build Orders #1! The Persian Deathmatch!

Hello all! Today I am going to start to talk about build orders in Age of Empires 2. I will be going over the basic build orders for the game, as well as when to use each build order, and in what game modes should these build orders apply to.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the first common build order: The Persian Deathmatch Build Order. As the name implies, this build order is to be used for Deathmatch games for the Persians. Deathmatch is a mode of Age of Empires where the players start in the Post-Imperial Age with high amounts of resources: 20K food, 20K wood, 10K gold, and 5K stone. In this game mode, the action starts almost immediately and these games are some of the best to play on Age of Empires.

So, to understand this build order, we must first look at the Persian Tech Tree. The Persians are a Calvary civilization. They get fully upgraded Paladins, Camels, Hussars, and decent trash lines. They also have access to siege rams and their unique unit, the war elephant.

What makes the Persians so deadly in Deathmatch is their Unique Unit. War Elephants are incredibly powerful once they are properly massed up by a Deathmatch Player. They will lay waste to just about everything except mass anti Calvary. So it is no surprise their Deathmatch strategy on an open land map like Arabia and Clean Oasis is centered around this principle. The strategy is simple, they will rush with their hussar they start the game with, hoping to pick off an enemy villager, then transition to streaming paladins across the map, then finally streaming elephants across the map. Here is how the specifics of this strategy works.

Once the game starts, with your starting scout, send it to the opposite side of the map to where your opponent is located. Adjust the attack stance of your scout from stand ground to aggressive mode, and set your scout to patrol. What this does is cause your scout to attack the first enemy unit or building he sees.

Once that scout micro has been taken care of, task two of your starting three villagers onto building two stables, and with the third villager build a house. All three villagers should be working on building different buildings. And with the starting town center, create more villagers. After the house is done, task your villager to build another house right away. Once a stable is complete, que up as many paladins as possible from each stable. After your villager is done building the first stables, task them to build two more stables. At this point in time, your new villager should spawn from the town center. Task this villager with building a New Town Center on a gold pile. The reason for doing this is simple: gold runs out very fast in Deathmatch, and if you do not pay attention to your gold income, you will easily lose. Don’t worry about gathering the relics at first, but as the game goes on and if you have map control, they are not a bad thing to go for.

New villagers should be rallied to the new town center, while your original three villagers continue to build houses and 5 total stables together. Once you have the fifth stable up, que paladins from it like you have done from the previous 4 stables. Once you feel as if you have a decent enough mass of paladins, send them to your enemy. Keep streaming in reinforcements while they are attacking. While your paladins are pressuring your opponent, begin to build a castle at home. These will be from where you will que your war elephants from.

Once this first castle goes up at your base, begin dropping another town center and start seeding farms. Even though you start out with high resources in Deathmatch, it is paramount to establish a good economy like a normal random map game in Age of Empires 2. Persians just happen to have the most food intensive demand in Age of Empires, so to continue to spam war elephants, it requires a lot of farmers to do so.


Step 1: Build 5 stables and houses constantly.

Step 2: Getting first castle up while pressuring your opponent.

Step 3: Rushing you opponent with a good mass of paladins. (Note: for this game, I streamed the paladins in from my base, as I am playing against the AI for this example).

Step 4: Start seeding Farms and assigning Gold Miners. It’s critical to use your town centers to create new villagers and gather more gold as fast as humanly possible. Gold Runs out fast due to the unit spam from so many production buildings.

Step 5: Begin to gain map control. In Deathmatch, the players who control the Hills often win the game.

Step 6: Continue to boom and build more castles as necessary. This is not the best image as the AI tends to be slow on Deathmatch, thus the game is over by the 8 minute mark. However, do not forget to build counter units as necessary to handle your opponents’ army compositions.


With the massing and attacking combo of war elephants and paladins, you should take the time to begin to take control of the map. In Deathmatch it is essential to place castles on the tallest hills as they offer the players the most map control in key locations. They prevent an opponent from pushing onto these locations without serious siege in the likely forms of trebuchets, bombard cannons, and siege rams. Since your castles should ideally be on top of a hill, trebuchets will take a longer period of time to take these castles down due to the elevation advantage of your buildings. And as usual, castles in these key locations will allow you to reinforce your elephants appropriately.

With your map control and your constant spam of elephants and paladins, you will want to build up your economy further behind it. From here, the game plays like a late imperial slugfest, and knowing the right unit compositions to counter your opponent become essential.

One thing to keep in mind is trade. In my example, I did a sample 1v1 vs an AI to give you an idea of the proper build order for the game. But gold tends to run out fast in 1v1s. Usually Deathmatch is more enjoyable to play in teams due to the element of trading. To get an ideal land trade route, you want to go from one corner of the map to another. You want to build at least three markets in each corner and create trade carts from all three. The gather points should be set on your ally’s markets in the opposite corner. One way to lose a Deathmatch game is to not do this or to establish a shorter trade route than your opponents, or to not have one at all due to raiding units. Thus it is essential to protect your trade accordingly. This can be done with strategic castle placement and walling your trade from raiding across the back of your bases.

So there you have it! The first guide to the Persian Deathmatch Build Order! If you have any questions about the build order, or the guideline of the build order, please let me know.

Mobius One Out!


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