About Us

Ud1eBy is a group of friends from all around the U.S. that enjoy playing games and posting our feedback.  Some people consider us a competitive clan, but we aren’t.  We enjoy playing games on different gaming platforms and just having fun.  We except anyone as a member that is just looking for a couple companions, though in competitive play we will only send the best players to represent us (even meaning ANARCHIST will sit out) to give the clan the best opportunity to do well.

The intention of this site is to provide feedback on different games we have become interested in.  WordPress is a new platform for us, so please be patient as we catch up!  If you would like us to provide information on a particular game, please comment on the “What do you Think” page we have provided for followers/fans and we will be more than happy to try the game out (as long as our wallets OR purses can take it).

Most of our members are in college or of that age.  We all deal with school, work… life.  The time we can devote to gaming probably doesn’t match some out there but we do “nerd out” in our free time.

If you are interested in gaming with us, most of us provide our gamertags on here with the exception of a few.  To be safe, consider emailing the email address we have provided as we will check it as often as possible!  As always good luck and have fun!



11 responses to “About Us

  1. Got one question that has been bugging me since the first time I saw this blog… How on earth do you pronounce Ud1eBy?! Seriously can’t figure it out 😛

    • You Die By lol. I know it’s difficult to figure out unless you here one of us say it. We originally started out on the xbox gaming like 6 years ago. When we made it, we had no idea about competitive gaming so we didn’t have a clue about how create a legit tag. I asked people if they wanted to change it in the beginning but everyone decided it made us unique. It probably does help people remember our website but it has been so long now, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ll tell you one thing though; if you play Gears of War, anyone one that has put anytime into the game will know how to pronounce it 😉 lol.

  2. Have to use wordpress to make an account here? such a pain lol, they didn’t have a single “correctly” spelled name that I wanted available!!!

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