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This Friday i’m doing a new session on the stream. It will be me running threw different games each week to what y’all vote on. Most of the game will be me playing them on the hardest difficulty, or just running threw it to beat it. Now if you think I should play something thing else just let me know i’ll put it in the poll for the next week. Follow us on twitch to know when we are live and follow us on twitter.


Discussions: Video Games VS Sports!


Hey guys B3ast here,

This is going to be a series I am going to start, its going to be me voicing my opinion on two topics;more specifically on how they are just wrong on both sides or how one is better than then other one. Now lets dive right into this.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room: have you ever been kicked off of the TV so someone could watch ESPN? That happened a lot for me as a kid, all the time actually. I also have been told I played too much video games, but at the same time that same person is on the couch watching TV.  The point I am going for is, that they are one in the same, by that I mean the concept of it. I know what your thinking how?

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Playing sports vs watching them are two completely different things all together, the same as watching and playing video games. I have nothing against the people who play sports for a living,  they enjoy what they do people like watching them play. Me personally I don’t like watching them, I find watching sports very boring. Now I can watch some people play video games like on Twitch. I know I sound very biased in this argument but hear me out.

The biggest pet peeve I have about this argument that more people are interested in sports than video games. Which might be true but just because you like something doesn’t mean you get the right to jam it down someone else throat. By that I mean look at it like this yes I play video games, I don’t mind going outside and playing some Football or Basketball but don’t come to me saying that assistant coach of the Bulls got fired or that Payton Manning is having surgery (which I know is old news but it gets my point across) not to be rude but that doesn’t peak my interests at all. Now when it comes to pro player for like the LCS or LPL. That is a different story due to the fact that I think its funny that certain people got benched or traded, but I don’t want to get into a 45 minute discussion about it either.

Now I know it sounds like that I personally don’t want to talk about any of these but I will listen to what you have to say and respond  accordingly but, I am not going to tell you that its dumb that you like that kind of stuff or that your way is wrong or that you need to change what you do. What you like is your prerogative not mine, or anybody else’s for that matter. The side I stand for topic is that I am Switzerland, I am not on either side but, I don’t stand for people trying to change other people for what they like. Thanks for listening to what I have to say, leave your comments  and let me know.

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Fighting for Nosgoth

Hey guys B3ast here with another review



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So for the past couple of day me and Ud1eBy have been playing this game Nosgoth. My first impression was that this game didn’t look entertaining. Then once I played the game it changed my whole opinion. Now the game is still in early access so there are still quite a few bugs, and some stuff that needs to be balanced. The game takes place in Nosgoth which the Vampires have control over. The Humans are trying to take over Nosgoth from the Vampires which is causing this big war. The Humans are like the rebels from Star Wars. When you play the game as the Vampires you will hear them say death to the rebels. Lets jump right into the game.



Humans (Rebels) 

Now the Humans are fighting to take control from the Vampires but as most of ya’ll know Vampires are ruthless. They are stronger, faster and have certain abilities that Humans just can’t match. With all that being said Humans are Humans; they survive no matter the cost and they will keep fighting to bitter end. Some humans have developed some abilities and have technology that the Vampires do not have. From what I have gathered from this game the Humans are using the classic “Vampire hunter gimmick” Crossbows, Fire, Throwing Knives, etc. The humans have a lot of weapons in their arsenal. In my opinion playing as the Humans is really hard due to the fact the Vampires are just really strong to fight against. If you come out on top as the Humans vs the Vampires it means you did something really right and your team is really strong. The big difference is that face the Humans have range on the Vampires, if they miss their abilities they have to come into melee range of the Humans. With that being said I still feel as though the Humans are way under powered against the Vampires, which is one of the balance changes I was talking about.



Vampires (Empire) 

They Vampires’s kits are not perfect, but they are really good at killing Humans which is the point of the game. They also have five classes which each do different things in order to kill the rebel scum. The big difference if you noticed the in the pictures the most of the Vampires have three abilities instead of two like the Humans have. They are like your basic Vampires, they are strong, fast, and can climb walls and high buildings. Now Humans can’t do that mainly because they take fall damage and Vampires do not. With that being said you can make some really sneaky plays with the Vampires, you can drop right on top of the Humans and make them scatter then pick off the weak ones. The big thing I can say about the Vampires is that you should remember you are hunting them. Be the hunter! Don’t just run in there, you’ll die if they spot you. Just follow your prey and wait for them to make a mistake.




Playing this game is really fun, I really like the mechanics in this game, and it brings me back to my Gears of War days. The rolling around and running and fighting creatures of the night is really fun. My biggest thing is some balance changes, like giving the Humans a little more push; by that I mean damage. I am not saying I am the greatest Nosgoth player in the world but I do feel like the Vampires have a lot more on the table as far as damage is concern. Other than that, I really am glad that Ud1eByRonJeremy showed me, and the rest of Ud1eBy, this game. I would recommend this game to other people if you like 3rd person shooters and playing as creatures of the night.

Graphics: 9.4/10

Storyline: 4.3/10

Gameplay: 9.8/10

Multiplayer: 8.9/10

Overall: 8.1/10

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Do you miss your childhood games?

Hey guys B3ast here,

I spent the whole weekend playing some of my old games from when I was a kid. I don’t know if you are all like me but playing old games  helps me blow off some steam. When I play these games I look at them and say this game was really fun as a kid. Some of these games were the reason I started gaming. Now lets dive right into these games. The games I played were on the Nintendo 64 and on the GameCube.


007 series 


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I don’t know if I can speak for everyone but if you didn’t play this game as a kid there was something wrong with or you or you are too young to know what a Nintendo 64 is. This was Call of Duty back in the day, and I would spend hours playing this game with my siblings. It was in the top 5 for game of the year when it came out. This game would cause fights and make you rage so hard. It was so much fun playing this game with my siblings, but this is where the famous screen peaking came from. I am not gonna lie I did do some screen peaking but it’s not like I would watch with the intent to cheat, it would just be in my peripheral vision (err….something).


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Then came Nightfire. This game was the next in the series, but this game was another James Bond game that made me fall in love with gaming. This game came out a year before the first Call of Duty came out, and was the same concept as Goldeneye where we would spend hours playing multiplayer with a twist, they added bots to the game. Now me and my siblings would be on the same team and be outnumbered while set to high difficulty and would try to hold out and win. Then Call of Duty came out and changed the way multiplayer operated for first person shooters. In my opinion I’ve had more fun playing these two games than I ever have playing Call of Duty.


Mario Series   

Super Mario Bros

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Mario was the game to play back in the day, if you didn’t play Mario you weren’t a “True Gamer”. These games set the standard for other games in its prime. I have only beat the original game all the way through once and without use of the warp tunnels. They have been getting out of control with Mario the past couple of years but right before they went with Mario in space Super Mario sunshine was the game to play on Gamecube.


To this day this is only Mario game that I have played but never beat. I am working on it and hopefully here soon I’ll be able to beat the game. This game was really fun as it had a new twist on the standard Mario 64 and Mario bros. Instead of jumping on people and squishing them you just gave them a bath and called it a day.


Mario Kart


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I know what you are thinking with all the Mario games, and I’ll tell you Mario was the name that echoed the 90’s. Mario was everywhere in the video game world. Mario Kart was the game that allowed me to drive recklessly and it be okay.  This game had some real skill involved as you had to master boosting yourself at the beginning as well as acquiring the necessary skills to hold your lead and grabbing dodging power ups while dodging enemy assaults. The blue turtle shell was really annoying and made it hard to hold the lead.  The blue turtle shell really made the game series not playable, you would be in first and then the guy in last throws the blue turtle shell and suddenly you don’t have the lead any more.

Now these are just some of the games I played over the weekend to blow off some steam. These stopped me from raging and throwing my PC against the wall. Now I think I am going to start doing more of these posts, tell me what you all think of these in the comments below. Don’t just play the newest game all the time, expand, and play the old games every once in a while. That is why they are there. They will make you a better gamer in the end.





League of Legends Meme of the Week!

Hey guys B3ast here, with the long absents of this series I though I would bring it back. Its not much as a awesome post but it gets a few laughs here and there so i’d figure I would bring it back.


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