My 1v1 Age of Empires Map “River”

Hey Guys,

Many people have enjoyed the maps I create in Age of Empires II HD so I thought I would post it on our site as well.

The file is now in the Steam Workshop.

Simply click the link below and “Subscribe” to the page below.  Your download should start automatically.

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Awesome Piano Cover Age of Empires II HD Main Theme

Hey Guys,

If you have landed on our page because of Age of Empires II HD, then you HAVE to listen to this!!

Sanguine has gifted us this wonderful music video and all he asks is that we help him buy a Grand Piano!

Anything helps and this creativity deserves it!

Hopefully you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

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How to Add Custom Music to Age of Empires II HD

Hey Guys,

ANARCHIST here, I told you guys I would make a video to walk through adding custom music to Age of Empires II HD, well, here you are!

Shifting Sands in Arabia: Ud1eBy AOEII HD (Steam) Tuesday Night League!

Hey Guys,

Many of you have expressed interest in Ud1eBy organizing something for Age of Empires, the time has finally come. Shifting Sands will be the theme of this two vs two league!! We will launch the league once ten teams sign up.


Image provided by:


Structure of League:

  • We will have ten teams.
  • Each team will play each other twice.
  • The league will be 5 weeks long.
  • There will be four games played each Tuesday.
  • The schedule will be posted on our website as soon ten teams are signed up.
  • At the end of the five weeks, each team will be give a seed based on record.
  • The seed will decide where you line up in the tournament.
  • The tournament will be hosted on a weekend in effort to accommodate everyone’s schedule.
  • We understand disconnects happen but there is nothing we can do. A disconnection will stand and the game will be completed.
Unlike usual, we would like the teams to step away from the stream temporarily while they are in game.
  • The games will be played on Arabia.
  • The games will be 2v2.
  • The games will be a Random /Mirror matchup.
  • The map size will be set to medium.
  • The max population will be 200.
  • The resources will be set to standard.
  • Reveal map will be set to normal.
  • Game speed will be set to normal.
  • Fifteen minute grace period between games but we would prefer lobbies to be prepared as quickly as possible.
  • Reply to this post below.
  • In the reply make sure to list each player’s steam name.


Final Remarks:

This league is for fun, I hope that everyone sees that and keeps it a relaxed atmosphere.  Any questions, concerns, thoughts?  Please email us at  Hopefully we see those that frequent our stream, as well as some new faces!


Best Regards,





Ud1eByGaming in 2015

Well, another year down.  As I’m sitting at work, not doing my job, I’ve taken time to reflect upon Ud1eBy.  In October I was approached by Ud1eByOdensBeard, Ud1eByTh3D33, and Ud1ebyRonJeremy.  They had a plan to revitalize the clan and wanted me to give it my all one last time. Since mid October we have had 4,000 views and almost 400 followers on twitch!  It’s hard to imagine why we ever stopped doing this!   I have met some really cool people so far, some that decided to join up with us!  Ud1eByMikro and Ud1eByRazzleRy are two member from EU who will hopefully become more active moving into 2016.  Ud1eByIvyElf who will looking to unveil her Program Install series in 2016 and  Ud1eByBbycake who will also be gearing up for 2016.  Ud1eByprdodd has been our main contributor to this site and will continue to write stunning reviews in 2016.

We have had some successful adventures and some… Not so much.  We have had great success with Age of Empires, the community has welcomed us with open arms.  We held our second Snowdown Showdown and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We also have made great strides in throwing a competitive ranked team together in League of Legends as well.

Now, all of this looks good on “paper” but things change and who really know what is in store.  I can’t and won’t speak for others but I will say as for myself, 2016 will be my best year yet.  I plan to throw some Age of Empires tournaments together shortly as well as League of Legends and now that I have a powerful gaming machine, plan to dominate the stream until people step up themselves.  I love Ud1eBy, I created it 8 years ago and it has been a blast every year.  This year my focus won’t be on my well established clan, my members have the same love intheir hearts  for the clan that I do, this year my focus is on making the best damn ud1eby products I can.  I will keep this site active, continue to do my best to throw quality tournaments together and I will bring my viewers quality streams.

Best Regards,


Smoking Cigarettes While Gaming; Why Everyone Should Quit (Including Me)!!

Hey Guys,

If you watch my streams at (<- see what I did there) you will notice that I pull my webcam down from time to time. This is because I have the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes and have since I was a Freshman in high school.  I would blame my upperclassmen on the football team but let’s be real, the choice was my own.  Today, I want to discuss just how detrimental smoking cigarettes for your gameplay and your computer!!

This article won’t touch on health risks as we all already know them, or at least, have a thought towards how bad it is.  Rather this article will address what other detrimental effects it has on your gameplay and your computer.  Though I hate to admit it, I have died several times in a ranked match of League of Legends due to a cigarette.  There is NOTHING more frustrating then knowing you just let your whole team down because of your selfishness/addiction.  Let’s break down all the ways smoking cigarettes have screwed me in the past, the list is longer than one might think!

  • The obvious, I had a cigarette in my hand while playing and it caused me to press the wrong key.
  • I got the infamous “Pirate Eye” and died.  For those that don’t smoke, Pirate Eye is a term that refers to smoke getting in your eye while playing causing it to burn and water.  As you can see, this always causes a problem lol.
  • I wasn’t playing attention to the last time I ashed my cigarette and burnt myself while fighting for baron.  Not only do you burn yourself but then you ash on your keyboard/desk and have to clean it up during the game as well!
  • Another obvious one, you have to put the damn thing out!  I can usually manager this between creep waves but it is just a pure pain in the ass.
  • Tied to my point above, sometimes you don’t put your cigarette out all the way.  Now you have a choice; deal with the horrid smell of a cigarette filter burning OR take your attention off the game and put it out… Again.

Some that read that list will be disgusted, I don’t blame you.  Those that smoke that read that list will hopefully get a chuckle or two as they have been in the same situation.  Regardless, the facts are the facts, smoking lowers my skill level at any game I play.

Now to my second point, smoking kills your computer.  There are studies done that will tell you it doesn’t, I am a software developer with a background in IT.


This isn’t an opinion, it’s fact.  Every little piece of ash that doesn’t make it in the ash tray likes to find it’s way to your fan.  Some electronics are able to handle smoke much easier than others.  Computers… Not one of those electronics.  There are many exposed wires on a computer through the vent holes of your case.  When smoke gets into the wires, it tends to leave resin.  Resin can be looked at as soot.  Long term exposure to smoke can cause this to build up and ruin some sort of communication to a bus on your machine.  There are a plethora of issues that come from this.  Some in my field consider a smokers machine to last half as long as a nonsmokers.  Now I will call BS on that but I do agree that smoking willharm your computer (as well as your t.v.).  Fans always go out in the first place, smoking kills them much faster.

Tip:  If your computer boots fine and out of nowhere shuts itself down, you have a virus or your fan is bad.

I have decided that maybe it is time to quit smoking and with your guys help, hopefully I can achieve this goal.

See you on stream!