For the Red Team. AMD Zen and Polaris 10!!!

Hey guys Qwik33 here bringing something that i personally have been waiting for right after i bought my 980 TI. AMDs new Zen and Polaris 10 architecture is coming out soon and I for one am pumped. These Processors are slated to be released in the later part of this year, if any of you follow my articles as few and far between as they are, you all know I am a huge Team Red fan boy as far as the CPUS and APUs.

First off lets talk about the improvements:

AMD claims that the new Zen modeling with its 14 nm process will be 40% more efficient in the IPC and AMD will abandon the architecture of its previous chips in favor of a simultaneous multi-threading approach similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading. All of this supposedly being able to double THE FX 8350. To me that sounds awesome, there was no hinting at price but a for an i7 6950 is about $1700 so I’m hoping it doesn’t cost anywhere near that. One of the reasons I love AMD in the CPU department is the price, I bought my FX 6300 for $130

With some change comes with alot more change, the new Zen chips will support DDR4 RAM YAAYYY!!!! Of course that means a new mother board and new socket. Say hello to the new AM4 socket. Fear not my friends for I do have good news since that’s about a $250 dollar upgrade to get an equivalent setup like i have in the Blue Rocket (32 GB 1600 Mhz RAM with a Gigabyte MoBo) once nice thing AMD will hang on to is legacy coolers for the AM3 and AM3+ sockets, so i can keep using my Corsair H100i v2 will still be compatible with the new chip. One extra tid bit for you guys on the CPU side, the A series is getting a bump in both speed and efficiency for the guys with FM2+ APUs like i had in my old laptop. I feel like a traitor for having an i7 in there but it was a hell of a deal with that 950m in there.

With all that i am super excited to have this when this all comes of but of course lets get on to the newest line of video cards which this one we have a name for. The RX 480, this guy looks just like a regular AMD card but oh my goodness its got some great specs. AMDs idea here is to bring VR to the main stream with variants with 4GB and 8GBs of VRAM. Not a huge gain in clock speed with a boost of 1080 Mhz but the kicker here is this card with yield a TDP of only 150 watts, any body who had owned an AMD card before knows that they are power hungry and hot, but this is coming form the guy with a 700 watt power supply and a 980 ti in my system but were not here to point fingers. All of this for a price of $199 which comes in cheaper that the newest cards from Nvidia. A nice middle finger from AMD we will see how this turns out.

Well that is all I have for you guys we here at Ud1eBy are big PC gamers especially with Over Watch having a huge impact on mine and B3asts social lives (just kidding that fucker is just as much of a hermit as I am). As always guys love you guys no shit and have a good one.



Build Orders #1! The Persian Deathmatch!

Hello all! Today I am going to start to talk about build orders in Age of Empires 2. I will be going over the basic build orders for the game, as well as when to use each build order, and in what game modes should these build orders apply to.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the first common build order: The Persian Deathmatch Build Order. As the name implies, this build order is to be used for Deathmatch games for the Persians. Deathmatch is a mode of Age of Empires where the players start in the Post-Imperial Age with high amounts of resources: 20K food, 20K wood, 10K gold, and 5K stone. In this game mode, the action starts almost immediately and these games are some of the best to play on Age of Empires.

So, to understand this build order, we must first look at the Persian Tech Tree. The Persians are a Calvary civilization. They get fully upgraded Paladins, Camels, Hussars, and decent trash lines. They also have access to siege rams and their unique unit, the war elephant.

What makes the Persians so deadly in Deathmatch is their Unique Unit. War Elephants are incredibly powerful once they are properly massed up by a Deathmatch Player. They will lay waste to just about everything except mass anti Calvary. So it is no surprise their Deathmatch strategy on an open land map like Arabia and Clean Oasis is centered around this principle. The strategy is simple, they will rush with their hussar they start the game with, hoping to pick off an enemy villager, then transition to streaming paladins across the map, then finally streaming elephants across the map. Here is how the specifics of this strategy works.

Once the game starts, with your starting scout, send it to the opposite side of the map to where your opponent is located. Adjust the attack stance of your scout from stand ground to aggressive mode, and set your scout to patrol. What this does is cause your scout to attack the first enemy unit or building he sees.

Once that scout micro has been taken care of, task two of your starting three villagers onto building two stables, and with the third villager build a house. All three villagers should be working on building different buildings. And with the starting town center, create more villagers. After the house is done, task your villager to build another house right away. Once a stable is complete, que up as many paladins as possible from each stable. After your villager is done building the first stables, task them to build two more stables. At this point in time, your new villager should spawn from the town center. Task this villager with building a New Town Center on a gold pile. The reason for doing this is simple: gold runs out very fast in Deathmatch, and if you do not pay attention to your gold income, you will easily lose. Don’t worry about gathering the relics at first, but as the game goes on and if you have map control, they are not a bad thing to go for.

New villagers should be rallied to the new town center, while your original three villagers continue to build houses and 5 total stables together. Once you have the fifth stable up, que paladins from it like you have done from the previous 4 stables. Once you feel as if you have a decent enough mass of paladins, send them to your enemy. Keep streaming in reinforcements while they are attacking. While your paladins are pressuring your opponent, begin to build a castle at home. These will be from where you will que your war elephants from.

Once this first castle goes up at your base, begin dropping another town center and start seeding farms. Even though you start out with high resources in Deathmatch, it is paramount to establish a good economy like a normal random map game in Age of Empires 2. Persians just happen to have the most food intensive demand in Age of Empires, so to continue to spam war elephants, it requires a lot of farmers to do so.


Step 1: Build 5 stables and houses constantly.

Step 2: Getting first castle up while pressuring your opponent.

Step 3: Rushing you opponent with a good mass of paladins. (Note: for this game, I streamed the paladins in from my base, as I am playing against the AI for this example).

Step 4: Start seeding Farms and assigning Gold Miners. It’s critical to use your town centers to create new villagers and gather more gold as fast as humanly possible. Gold Runs out fast due to the unit spam from so many production buildings.

Step 5: Begin to gain map control. In Deathmatch, the players who control the Hills often win the game.

Step 6: Continue to boom and build more castles as necessary. This is not the best image as the AI tends to be slow on Deathmatch, thus the game is over by the 8 minute mark. However, do not forget to build counter units as necessary to handle your opponents’ army compositions.


With the massing and attacking combo of war elephants and paladins, you should take the time to begin to take control of the map. In Deathmatch it is essential to place castles on the tallest hills as they offer the players the most map control in key locations. They prevent an opponent from pushing onto these locations without serious siege in the likely forms of trebuchets, bombard cannons, and siege rams. Since your castles should ideally be on top of a hill, trebuchets will take a longer period of time to take these castles down due to the elevation advantage of your buildings. And as usual, castles in these key locations will allow you to reinforce your elephants appropriately.

With your map control and your constant spam of elephants and paladins, you will want to build up your economy further behind it. From here, the game plays like a late imperial slugfest, and knowing the right unit compositions to counter your opponent become essential.

One thing to keep in mind is trade. In my example, I did a sample 1v1 vs an AI to give you an idea of the proper build order for the game. But gold tends to run out fast in 1v1s. Usually Deathmatch is more enjoyable to play in teams due to the element of trading. To get an ideal land trade route, you want to go from one corner of the map to another. You want to build at least three markets in each corner and create trade carts from all three. The gather points should be set on your ally’s markets in the opposite corner. One way to lose a Deathmatch game is to not do this or to establish a shorter trade route than your opponents, or to not have one at all due to raiding units. Thus it is essential to protect your trade accordingly. This can be done with strategic castle placement and walling your trade from raiding across the back of your bases.

So there you have it! The first guide to the Persian Deathmatch Build Order! If you have any questions about the build order, or the guideline of the build order, please let me know.

Mobius One Out!

Lets Talk Peripherals

Hey guys Qwik33 coming at you again from the beautiful country of Greece, I recently bought one of my favorite series on steam that I originally have played on the Xbox and the Xbox 360, all of the Splinter Cell games with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow are now on my laptop and I haven’t been able to put them down unless I’m at work or sleeping. I have actually NOT been doing sailor things and staying sober, what the actual hell.

I bring this up because on my home PC that I love and call the Blue Rocket, I usually if I can get away with it use my Xbox one controller just because I did start gaming on a console I had the PlayStation in the early 2000′, and I used to play NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64. The biggest problem with these games is the first installment does not support controller, unless I mod it and I don’t have the patients for it. Even one as new as SC Conviction does not support the Xbox One controller. The forums on Steam did say the 360 controller is supported but where I am at right now I cant get one without ordering it off of the internet, but I WANT TO PLAY RIGHT MEOW!!!!

I have switched to playing with the keyboard on my laptop because the keyboard on my ASUS K501U has a very good feeling keyboard on it and seriously who does that on a laptop. My issue was I didn’t have a mouse so after a few hour of searching for a decent laser mouse I found and bought a Razer Deathadder Chroma, which may I say is a decent mouse. It feels good in my hand and have the extra 2 buttons that most gaming mice have as well as the RGB lighting so I made it fit with my color seem back home.

The mouse is awesome and I have already gotten half way through the first Splinter Cell (ahh memories) but I am having a HUGE issue with it. It likes to walk away when I hold my hand still, even when I just leave it be and watch Netflix the bottom bar pops up like I’m moving the mouse. I do believe the issue is the fact I don’t have a mouse pad under it and yes it is silly for me to bitch about this, BUT… I never have had this issue with my cooler master branded mouse back home so, WTF Razer? I will buy a mouse pad if I have to but I don’t want to HAVE to.

So my question for you guys is what do you guys use for dare I say “Your weapons you take into battle”? I have my cooler master peripherals on the Blue Rocket and my Power A Xbox One (yes its RGB as well) controller that I use to play shooters. Let me know what the ultimate things are for gaming and tell me why, I would love to hear your opinions on this matter because hey this is the internet and we all prefer our favorite brands, here let me start.


But seriously guys I love you no shit, this is Qwik33 for Ud1eby Gaming,


Gaming with Beast!

Hey guys Beast here,


This Friday i’m doing a new session on the stream. It will be me running threw different games each week to what y’all vote on. Most of the game will be me playing them on the hardest difficulty, or just running threw it to beat it. Now if you think I should play something thing else just let me know i’ll put it in the poll for the next week. Follow us on twitch to know when we are live and follow us on twitter.

Portable Gaming Solutions, Lets Talk.



Hello and welcome to my newest article coming to you all the way from The Island of Crete of the beautiful country Greece. In this little discussion we talk about my solution to the age old question, can I bring my Xbox?

So lets talk about portable gaming, we all have our machines that do good at home. Unless you have a small setup in a mini ATX or ITX setup, then you may be fucked. I can always bring my Xbox or computer, but I am at the mercy of who ever’s house I’m at. I love the Blue Rocket to much to box her up and bring her overseas with me. One thing I looked at is a gaming laptop, but they can be upwards of $1000. For most of us that isn’t feasible with a price tag like that, here is my solution that I bought for my first deployment.

I present to you the Gaems Vanguard, with this system it holds my Xbox ONE, a controller all the cords and maybe a few game cases (I had them in a separate bag when I was traveling). With an HD 19″ monitor connected by HDMI and good speakers, or a headphone jack for Turtle Beach users like myself, this is one of the best solutions I can’t think of without dropping the money for a gaming laptop, this was also before I upgraded my laptop with more RAM and a bigger APU.

This solution can be expensive compared to some, when I bought this it was $350 but they do make smaller cheaper models. For the actual performance and durability of the unit I cant think of a better test than deployed military. My last deployment I went to Germany, Romania, Bahrain, Canada, and El Salvador. Through all these checkpoints, I never had a problem with customs, never had a scratch on it, and all I had to do was open it up and plug it in. This is a very good idea for those of us who travel and cant go to long without visiting out gaming world.

Now lets get to the drawbacks of a setup like this: it is fairly bulky for, but for what is offers its not a bad thing in my opinion. You need two plugs, I think it would be better if it plugged into the wall and had an extra plug on the actual unit, but for what it offers I cant complain to much, my final gripe about it is, the screen is pretty small for the size of it. my 17.5″ computer fits inside it no problem, so this is just for you. If you have friends that wants to play with you then you gotta borrow there TV or find one in the airport, but good luck on that one without getting tackled by airport security for suspicions of terrorism.

Here is the math on this one:

  • New Xbox ONE $350
  • New Gaems Vanguard $350

And the damage is $700 or you can get a gaming laptop, all I see on that one is the price tag, like the ASUS ROG G751JYDH71 with only 17 inches of screen, and a grand total of… $2400. You do the math here but if you have that kind of money for your portable gaming needs, you should buy me one too.

There is however a cheaper option for gaming laptops, I have recently purchased a cheaper gaming laptop that is actually more designed for video editing but hey it plays fall out. my new ASUS K501UX as part of there Zen-book Series, this is actually a pretty sweet laptop that i bought only for $850 on sale, after using this for a while and really using the absolute FUCK out of it i have found my new baby while on deployment. I myself am a big AMD APU fan but that laptop has gone kaput. This sweet little guy has:

  • Intel Core i7-6500U CPU. While only dual core it does support hyper threading so it makes it THINK it has a quad core.
  • 8gb of RAM, and now i have more on the way I hope to put a 16GB kit in it.
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 950M. Major selling point on this sucker.
  • As well as all the other usual things any laptop should come with: 1Gb Ethernet, 802.11/a/b/g/n wireless USB 3.0 compatibility, as well as HDMI 1.2 connectivity.






*All photos were taken by author!*

That’s it for me this time, if you guys have your own methods, or a better one that the one I have here let me know, once again this is Ud1eBy Qwik33,


My 1v1 Age of Empires Map “River”

Hey Guys,

Many people have enjoyed the maps I create in Age of Empires II HD so I thought I would post it on our site as well.

The file is now in the Steam Workshop.

Simply click the link below and “Subscribe” to the page below.  Your download should start automatically.

Best Regards,





Awesome Piano Cover Age of Empires II HD Main Theme

Hey Guys,

If you have landed on our page because of Age of Empires II HD, then you HAVE to listen to this!!

Sanguine has gifted us this wonderful music video and all he asks is that we help him buy a Grand Piano!

Anything helps and this creativity deserves it!

Hopefully you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

Best Regards,