For the Red Team. AMD Zen and Polaris 10!!!

Hey guys Qwik33 here bringing something that i personally have been waiting for right after i bought my 980 TI. AMDs new Zen and Polaris 10 architecture is coming out soon and I for one am pumped. These Processors are slated to be released in the later part of this year, if any of you follow my articles as few and far between as they are, you all know I am a huge Team Red fan boy as far as the CPUS and APUs.

First off lets talk about the improvements:

AMD claims that the new Zen modeling with its 14 nm process will be 40% more efficient in the IPC and AMD will abandon the architecture of its previous chips in favor of a simultaneous multi-threading approach similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading. All of this supposedly being able to double THE FX 8350. To me that sounds awesome, there was no hinting at price but a for an i7 6950 is about $1700 so I’m hoping it doesn’t cost anywhere near that. One of the reasons I love AMD in the CPU department is the price, I bought my FX 6300 for $130

With some change comes with alot more change, the new Zen chips will support DDR4 RAM YAAYYY!!!! Of course that means a new mother board and new socket. Say hello to the new AM4 socket. Fear not my friends for I do have good news since that’s about a $250 dollar upgrade to get an equivalent setup like i have in the Blue Rocket (32 GB 1600 Mhz RAM with a Gigabyte MoBo) once nice thing AMD will hang on to is legacy coolers for the AM3 and AM3+ sockets, so i can keep using my Corsair H100i v2 will still be compatible with the new chip. One extra tid bit for you guys on the CPU side, the A series is getting a bump in both speed and efficiency for the guys with FM2+ APUs like i had in my old laptop. I feel like a traitor for having an i7 in there but it was a hell of a deal with that 950m in there.

With all that i am super excited to have this when this all comes of but of course lets get on to the newest line of video cards which this one we have a name for. The RX 480, this guy looks just like a regular AMD card but oh my goodness its got some great specs. AMDs idea here is to bring VR to the main stream with variants with 4GB and 8GBs of VRAM. Not a huge gain in clock speed with a boost of 1080 Mhz but the kicker here is this card with yield a TDP of only 150 watts, any body who had owned an AMD card before knows that they are power hungry and hot, but this is coming form the guy with a 700 watt power supply and a 980 ti in my system but were not here to point fingers. All of this for a price of $199 which comes in cheaper that the newest cards from Nvidia. A nice middle finger from AMD we will see how this turns out.

Well that is all I have for you guys we here at Ud1eBy are big PC gamers especially with Over Watch having a huge impact on mine and B3asts social lives (just kidding that fucker is just as much of a hermit as I am). As always guys love you guys no shit and have a good one.



Lets Talk Peripherals

Hey guys Qwik33 coming at you again from the beautiful country of Greece, I recently bought one of my favorite series on steam that I originally have played on the Xbox and the Xbox 360, all of the Splinter Cell games with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow are now on my laptop and I haven’t been able to put them down unless I’m at work or sleeping. I have actually NOT been doing sailor things and staying sober, what the actual hell.

I bring this up because on my home PC that I love and call the Blue Rocket, I usually if I can get away with it use my Xbox one controller just because I did start gaming on a console I had the PlayStation in the early 2000′, and I used to play NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64. The biggest problem with these games is the first installment does not support controller, unless I mod it and I don’t have the patients for it. Even one as new as SC Conviction does not support the Xbox One controller. The forums on Steam did say the 360 controller is supported but where I am at right now I cant get one without ordering it off of the internet, but I WANT TO PLAY RIGHT MEOW!!!!

I have switched to playing with the keyboard on my laptop because the keyboard on my ASUS K501U has a very good feeling keyboard on it and seriously who does that on a laptop. My issue was I didn’t have a mouse so after a few hour of searching for a decent laser mouse I found and bought a Razer Deathadder Chroma, which may I say is a decent mouse. It feels good in my hand and have the extra 2 buttons that most gaming mice have as well as the RGB lighting so I made it fit with my color seem back home.

The mouse is awesome and I have already gotten half way through the first Splinter Cell (ahh memories) but I am having a HUGE issue with it. It likes to walk away when I hold my hand still, even when I just leave it be and watch Netflix the bottom bar pops up like I’m moving the mouse. I do believe the issue is the fact I don’t have a mouse pad under it and yes it is silly for me to bitch about this, BUT… I never have had this issue with my cooler master branded mouse back home so, WTF Razer? I will buy a mouse pad if I have to but I don’t want to HAVE to.

So my question for you guys is what do you guys use for dare I say “Your weapons you take into battle”? I have my cooler master peripherals on the Blue Rocket and my Power A Xbox One (yes its RGB as well) controller that I use to play shooters. Let me know what the ultimate things are for gaming and tell me why, I would love to hear your opinions on this matter because hey this is the internet and we all prefer our favorite brands, here let me start.


But seriously guys I love you no shit, this is Qwik33 for Ud1eby Gaming,


Zombie slaying with touch of Minecraft!


Have you ever played Day Z before, but wanted more to do then just run around find stuff? What about Minecraft? Have you ever played Minecraft and just wanted to get a gun and blow the brains out of the mobs? I mean, Minecraft is cool and all, but who uses swords anymore? Well I think I got a game for you! This new game is free on the steam store, and man is it worth the 200mb download. The game Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton and published by Smartly Dressed Games! My fellow gamer Ud1ebyTHEDEE and I were pointed to this game by another one of our fellow gamers. She told us to give it a try because we were looking for a new FREE game to play! I was quite hesitant at first, but once i dove into the game man was I amazed. I wasn’t amazed by the graphics of the game because this game does not have the most amazing graphics in the world! I was amazed by the game play!

So us being us, we decided to go at this game with the old and trust worthy baptism by fire method! Which for those of you that don’t know, that means it’s basically flying blind! Which means we did no research on this game, we just started playing! It took me a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to equip a weapon, once I realized I even had one, I met up with Ud1ebyTHEDEE! We had no idea what to do or anything, we were quite lost to be honest, just clicking buttons and killing zombies! We never really knew what we were supposed to do! So we played for a couple of hours and called it a night. This is where my mind took off. I realized, I need to know more about this mysterious new game! I needed to learn what we needed to do! So I did. I spent the rest of that night, around 2 and half hours; watching videos, reading guides on what to do, so that the next morning, I was ready to carry Ud1ebyTHEDEE to victory! By victory I mean killing other players because PVP is always better then PVE!

The next morning rolled around and I was ready to go. After getting about 4 and half hours asleep, I made my coffee and got on, ready to play with Ud1ebyTHEDEE! We played for about an hour or so and then my power went out. Usually its my internet, but not this time! The power to my entire house was just gone! So after i got back from school I jumped right on and started playing again!

Okay so enough of the background story! Let’s look at this game objectively! It runs really smooth without much lag when the map is rendering! The guns are well-developed, with many different options to choose from! There are different guns for the different maps! There are three maps to choose from; Washington, PEI, and Yukon! My favorite is Washington because it is well-balanced, with locations of towns and locations of drops. There is a multiplayer option with multiple servers to choose from. PVP or PVE options as well! Each server has its own rulers and starting items, some servers you get no starting items. There is also a singleplayer mode as well. Singleplayer mode is where you really get into the Minecraft side of the game. You can chop down trees and build a base and make traps as well. The base building in the game get really in-depth with many ways in which you can design.




Is crafting really worth your time and effort?

Sup everyone its Ninj4!I have been a player of MMORPG’s for a while now, and I have noticed that everyone has their own way to make money in these games. However, I have noticed throughout my time playing that crafting is not the most time efficient way to make money. This is because there are two ways in which someone can go about crafting.

  1. The first way requires you to have money in order to make money. By that i mean that you have to go into the auction house, trade broker, or any other in game player trading system that the game has and buy the materials necessary to craft the items you are looking to sell. Crafting with this method makes it so you have to be more careful because you have to make sure that you buy the items for less then what your going to sell the final product.
  2. The second way in which someone can go about crafting in an MMORPG is to go and gather the materials yourself. After you gather all the materials you can make the items and sell them. This way you don’t have to worry about profit because you make 100% profit. However, this way is a lot more time consuming then the way mentioned above.

Based upon my experience in game crafting is not efficient. In my opinion the best and most efficient way to make money in an MMORPG is to gather, by that i mean mining mostly. The reason I say gathering is the best is because it is more time efficient and it all sells quicker on the auction house. If you gather materials people will buy them so that they can craft their own items; Like I described in the first way to craft. Materials that are gathered and sold usually sell a lot quicker then craft items do.

Hopefully I was able to shed some light on whether you should craft or not!


We Bring You TERA!


Ladies and Gents, we bring you TERA! A few of the others have played this in the past, but we never had it stick. Now, we have all downloaded it and are diving into this ever-growing MMO-RPG. I personally have about 30 hours invested into the game, Unfortunately i have not made ridiculous amounts of progress as we have switched servers and characters multiple times! So far the game is pretty solid. The graphics in the game are very detailed, the quests are not extremely difficult, and the game-play in general is very smooth. If you are even thinking about downloading it, i say do it! Soon we will have some streams and more reviews on each class.