For the Red Team. AMD Zen and Polaris 10!!!

Hey guys Qwik33 here bringing something that i personally have been waiting for right after i bought my 980 TI. AMDs new Zen and Polaris 10 architecture is coming out soon and I for one am pumped. These Processors are slated to be released in the later part of this year, if any of you follow my articles as few and far between as they are, you all know I am a huge Team Red fan boy as far as the CPUS and APUs.

First off lets talk about the improvements:

AMD claims that the new Zen modeling with its 14 nm process will be 40% more efficient in the IPC and AMD will abandon the architecture of its previous chips in favor of a simultaneous multi-threading approach similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading. All of this supposedly being able to double THE FX 8350. To me that sounds awesome, there was no hinting at price but a for an i7 6950 is about $1700 so I’m hoping it doesn’t cost anywhere near that. One of the reasons I love AMD in the CPU department is the price, I bought my FX 6300 for $130

With some change comes with alot more change, the new Zen chips will support DDR4 RAM YAAYYY!!!! Of course that means a new mother board and new socket. Say hello to the new AM4 socket. Fear not my friends for I do have good news since that’s about a $250 dollar upgrade to get an equivalent setup like i have in the Blue Rocket (32 GB 1600 Mhz RAM with a Gigabyte MoBo) once nice thing AMD will hang on to is legacy coolers for the AM3 and AM3+ sockets, so i can keep using my Corsair H100i v2 will still be compatible with the new chip. One extra tid bit for you guys on the CPU side, the A series is getting a bump in both speed and efficiency for the guys with FM2+ APUs like i had in my old laptop. I feel like a traitor for having an i7 in there but it was a hell of a deal with that 950m in there.

With all that i am super excited to have this when this all comes of but of course lets get on to the newest line of video cards which this one we have a name for. The RX 480, this guy looks just like a regular AMD card but oh my goodness its got some great specs. AMDs idea here is to bring VR to the main stream with variants with 4GB and 8GBs of VRAM. Not a huge gain in clock speed with a boost of 1080 Mhz but the kicker here is this card with yield a TDP of only 150 watts, any body who had owned an AMD card before knows that they are power hungry and hot, but this is coming form the guy with a 700 watt power supply and a 980 ti in my system but were not here to point fingers. All of this for a price of $199 which comes in cheaper that the newest cards from Nvidia. A nice middle finger from AMD we will see how this turns out.

Well that is all I have for you guys we here at Ud1eBy are big PC gamers especially with Over Watch having a huge impact on mine and B3asts social lives (just kidding that fucker is just as much of a hermit as I am). As always guys love you guys no shit and have a good one.



Lets Talk Peripherals

Hey guys Qwik33 coming at you again from the beautiful country of Greece, I recently bought one of my favorite series on steam that I originally have played on the Xbox and the Xbox 360, all of the Splinter Cell games with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow are now on my laptop and I haven’t been able to put them down unless I’m at work or sleeping. I have actually NOT been doing sailor things and staying sober, what the actual hell.

I bring this up because on my home PC that I love and call the Blue Rocket, I usually if I can get away with it use my Xbox one controller just because I did start gaming on a console I had the PlayStation in the early 2000′, and I used to play NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64. The biggest problem with these games is the first installment does not support controller, unless I mod it and I don’t have the patients for it. Even one as new as SC Conviction does not support the Xbox One controller. The forums on Steam did say the 360 controller is supported but where I am at right now I cant get one without ordering it off of the internet, but I WANT TO PLAY RIGHT MEOW!!!!

I have switched to playing with the keyboard on my laptop because the keyboard on my ASUS K501U has a very good feeling keyboard on it and seriously who does that on a laptop. My issue was I didn’t have a mouse so after a few hour of searching for a decent laser mouse I found and bought a Razer Deathadder Chroma, which may I say is a decent mouse. It feels good in my hand and have the extra 2 buttons that most gaming mice have as well as the RGB lighting so I made it fit with my color seem back home.

The mouse is awesome and I have already gotten half way through the first Splinter Cell (ahh memories) but I am having a HUGE issue with it. It likes to walk away when I hold my hand still, even when I just leave it be and watch Netflix the bottom bar pops up like I’m moving the mouse. I do believe the issue is the fact I don’t have a mouse pad under it and yes it is silly for me to bitch about this, BUT… I never have had this issue with my cooler master branded mouse back home so, WTF Razer? I will buy a mouse pad if I have to but I don’t want to HAVE to.

So my question for you guys is what do you guys use for dare I say “Your weapons you take into battle”? I have my cooler master peripherals on the Blue Rocket and my Power A Xbox One (yes its RGB as well) controller that I use to play shooters. Let me know what the ultimate things are for gaming and tell me why, I would love to hear your opinions on this matter because hey this is the internet and we all prefer our favorite brands, here let me start.


But seriously guys I love you no shit, this is Qwik33 for Ud1eby Gaming,


League of Legends Meme of the Week!

Hey guys B3ast here, with the long absents of this series I though I would bring it back. Its not much as a awesome post but it gets a few laughs here and there so i’d figure I would bring it back.


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One dead grub!


Ud1eByGaming in 2015

Well, another year down.  As I’m sitting at work, not doing my job, I’ve taken time to reflect upon Ud1eBy.  In October I was approached by Ud1eByOdensBeard, Ud1eByTh3D33, and Ud1ebyRonJeremy.  They had a plan to revitalize the clan and wanted me to give it my all one last time. Since mid October we have had 4,000 views and almost 400 followers on twitch!  It’s hard to imagine why we ever stopped doing this!   I have met some really cool people so far, some that decided to join up with us!  Ud1eByMikro and Ud1eByRazzleRy are two member from EU who will hopefully become more active moving into 2016.  Ud1eByIvyElf who will looking to unveil her Program Install series in 2016 and  Ud1eByBbycake who will also be gearing up for 2016.  Ud1eByprdodd has been our main contributor to this site and will continue to write stunning reviews in 2016.

We have had some successful adventures and some… Not so much.  We have had great success with Age of Empires, the community has welcomed us with open arms.  We held our second Snowdown Showdown and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We also have made great strides in throwing a competitive ranked team together in League of Legends as well.

Now, all of this looks good on “paper” but things change and who really know what is in store.  I can’t and won’t speak for others but I will say as for myself, 2016 will be my best year yet.  I plan to throw some Age of Empires tournaments together shortly as well as League of Legends and now that I have a powerful gaming machine, plan to dominate the stream until people step up themselves.  I love Ud1eBy, I created it 8 years ago and it has been a blast every year.  This year my focus won’t be on my well established clan, my members have the same love intheir hearts  for the clan that I do, this year my focus is on making the best damn ud1eby products I can.  I will keep this site active, continue to do my best to throw quality tournaments together and I will bring my viewers quality streams.

Best Regards,


Smite Battleground of the Gods


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Hey guys B3ast here,

MOBA’s  are becoming a big category in the gaming world. Smite showed up out of nowhere and is taking the world by storm. This post will be a comparison of the game to League of Legends (LOL).  Smite is a different  point of view for a MOBA, instead of aerial view it’s in third person.


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With the third person aspect you are placed in the middle of the action. You get to see everything the Gods see, that is to say, when playing you see without a fog of war mechanic which allows the player to see everything in his characters field of vision. This greatly enhances your ability to detect ganks and other enemy maneuvers as compared to the traditional aerial view. This forces players to develop skill when performing maneuvers and attacks. The only set back with this point of view that you do not see the other players on far corners of the map which makes getting tower dove at level 3 or something like that possible. You just have to watch the mini-map a lot more in the game.


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Now this is a MOBA, its still an objective based game getting towers, killing jungle monsters, and killing enemy players are still important. There are 3 lanes but unlike LOL its vertical not diagonal. If you look at the map you see that the right side is a lot longer that the other lanes. This is what in League terms is the “Bot Lane,” you send your Adc (Hunter) and Support (Guardian) to that lane. The mid will always be the Mages in MOBA’s. The Top lane is the “Solo Lane” where you send your fighters. To the jungle you send your mobile Assassins and other high damage people. As far as the map layout unlike most MOBA’s, in Smite to spawn “Super Minions” you need to kill a phoenix. In order to win the game you have to kill the enemy’s Titan, in League terms that is the nexus, but here is the twist that nexus will fight back and kill you if you let it.

TitanOrder      TitanChaos

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The rest of this post will be me talking about the various roles, taking it one at a time.



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Mages are high damage ranged carries. Spells are their bread and butter, and they use mana like crazy. Mages are really strong in Smite, but like any other game once focused they will fall pretty fast.



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Hunters are the Attack damage carry of the Smite world. High damage and high attack speed, but need a support to help them out through the beginning of the game.




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Assassins are high damage and very mobile Gods. Most of them function as junglers in Smite. Their mobility and high damage together can make for some strong ganks.




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Guardians are the supports of smite. They are very tanky, with shields and lots of Crowd Control. They go to the longest lane with the Adc. Some of the supports can function as mages, but the strongest ones are the tanky ones that can go in and set up kills for the Adc.




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Warriors are those beefy Gods that have some damages and some durability. They can be that front line and deal damage and because of this mostly go into the solo lane, however, some can jungle.


This game while being in that third person view is very fun. In a way you become that character and get to see what they see and how they act. High-Rez did a really good job with game overall. The big thing that I really like about this game is that some of the Gods interact with one another. What I mean by this is that some Gods when they kill other Gods will have different lines. When the Sun God Ra kills Neith the Weaver of Fate, Ra will scream “You should of brought sunscreen Neith!” They also interact with the items the players buy as well. I would recommend to all MOBA players, get this game, it is so much fun to play. It will take some time to get used to playing in third person but I would give this a 9/10 for a MOBA.

Thanks guys let me know what you think!




Best Attack Damage Carry THIS Season

Golden Rush!

What is up Ladies and Gents! RonJeremy here, bringing you one of our newest games to take up time! It is called Golden Rush, and it is a great MOBA. This game is a 3v3v3v3! You heard me, 4 teams of 3!! the most popular game mode is race to get to 30k gold. There is also another game mode, where the objective is to be the first team to obtain 12 chests, but this seems to be less popular.

Right now there are three main champions that you start out with:

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This seems to be one of the favorite champions so far by the clan. He has a spin-to-win like Garen, a “DUNK” like Darius, and a net like Rengar. The barbarian does not have much of a range, but does pretty good damage if he gets a hold of you!

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The Ranger has a Q like Ashe’s ult, a blind like Teemo, and a trap like Caitlin/Nidalee. She has a pretty extensive range, and can do a decent amount of damage, mainly all on her basic attacks, as her Q is a skill shot.


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The Mage is a burst damage champion in my opinion. Its Q is a channeled AoE ability, its W is a silence similar to Nasus, and its E is very similar to a Ziggs Ult. This champ can be kind of squishy, but very powerful if untouched.

you may be thinking, “This is weird, each hero only has 3 abilities, seems to basic.” But there is actually a fourth move! The only way to unlock this 4th move, is to get 4 pieces of the same legendary gear set. so far there are three different legendary sets for each hero. This requires a decent amount of playing time in order to gain the required amount of Bloack gems you need to keep the legendary gear. Or, you could just spend the money and buy the black gems that way. Everybody is different, some people have the money to spare, but i personally like to play the old school way, and earn it all!

There are three other champions as well, which i will be getting a review on shortly: Witch, Paladin, and the Assassin.

One thing that is different about this MOBA compared to any others i have played, is the fact that you do not buy items in game. Actually, you can find new items in-game from killing monsters, and you can also equip them in game as well. You can also get new items from the shop, which refreshes once a day, unless you spend the Black Gems to refresh it yourself. This provides a unique game every time, as you never know what somebody else has.

This game is still fairly new, and you can already tell that they have left alot of room for growth, pending on what their players seem to enjoy. So try it out everyone, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Till Next Time, Stay Frosty!