Ryan’s Late Review: MLB The Show 16

Baseball’s Back And Better Than Ever

MLB The Show 16 combines the amazing presentation style and gameplay of its predecessors with a host of new features to make MLB The Show 16 my favorite game of 2016. The core gameplay remains generally the same, but there are enough new elements that prevent the game from being a simple roster update from last year’s entry. These new features, while taking away from the realism of the game, increase the RPG qualities of the game and dramatically improve the online multiplayer.

MLB The Show 16 fulfills any baseball fanatic’s fantasy. Want to manage your franchise to the World Series? Create a player and earn your way to Cooperstown? Draft your own fantasy team and take on drastically different (sometimes hilarious) lineups?  The Show has all that and more. And once you’re done with the offline modes, you will easily get immersed in the online multiplayer experience.

As said above, the core gameplay is essentially the same. However, the new “Showtime” meter is a major change.  At the bottom of the screen is a meter, pressing R2 will deplete the meter, but slow down time, letting you crush that high fastball or strike out Miguel Cabrera with a nasty slider. As a batter it’s really only good for two swings, so choose wisely, but it makes pitching ridiculously easy. It doesn’t cost much to use Showtime for pinpoint accuracy. I was averaging ten or more strikeouts a game with my pitcher because of Showtime until I amped the difficulty up. Showtime slightly removes the immersion and makes The Show feel more video-gamey than its predecessors. If used properly, however, Showtime can create some awesome moments. I wasn’t too thrilled about it until I absolutely crushed a 450 foot homerun with my clean up hitter. That moment made up for all the lack of realism and failed attempts before. It’s worth noting that this feature is entirely optional, since you can simply choose not to use it.

The Show has the same offline features of previous games in the series. The Show’s Road To The Show option lets you create your own player and step into the shoes of a professional baseball player. After a three day showcase, you’ll get drafted (or choose your favorite team) and work your way through the minors until you finally make it into the majors.  Playing well earns skill points, which are used to upgrade your player. RTTS has significantly improved from last year because you play a whole series without having to go back to the home screen. So instead of staring at loading screens, I’m playing baseball. The only new component of RTTS is perks. Reaching a certain level in a skill, such as speed or fielding, unlocks a perk that enhances the player skills at the cost of lowering your Showtime meter. These perks range from useless to overpowered, such as the chance to begin every bases loaded at-bat with a 3-0 count. Like Showtime, perks sacrifice realism for a more typical video game experience.  And like Showtime, perks are entirely optional.

The Show also lets you manage your own franchise and has streamlined the managing process. Budgets are easier to comprehend and trade suggestions easily let you shape your franchise however you like. The new morale system is a nice improvement. Players have shifting morale based on their role within the team, playing time, chemistry with other players, and other intangibles. Players with high morale play better, whereas players with low morale play worse. This feature made me care a lot more about the individual players on my team and felt more realistic as I massaged wounded egos left and right.

It’s in the multiplayer that San Diego Studio really tried to innovate. Diamond Dynasty from last year remains the same.  Unlock real-life and past players for your team by playing online games. The games are generally well-balanced (except when you play the people who have clearly spent actual money to unlock Babe Ruth and the like) and fun. The two new features are Conquest and Battle Royale. Conquest is a bizarre experience I never warmed up to.  North America is divided up into tiny grids with large areas controlled by MLB teams. For instance, the Arizona Diamondbacks control the Arizona region. Each grid has a number correlating to fan support.  Your team is plopped in the middle of the map and told to expand your fanbase by conquering grids.  Basically it’s a real-time-strategy mod for a genre that certainly wasn’t asking for one. It felt too much like a Total War, which does not mesh well with The Show.

Battle Royale is a great new feature. Draft a team and compete in a double elimination tournament. The games are only three innings, so you can play them quickly. The rewards are greater, but it costs 1,500 stubs to play.  This is my favorite feature because the games feel incredibly even. No team has an inherent advantage because of the draft. Everyone is insured the same amount of diamond (hall of fame players), gold, silver, and bronze players. Battle Royale games are entirely based on your skill, not whether you have the best cards or not.

The graphics are slightly enhanced from the PS4 version of the The Show 15. As always, the crack of the bat and the dull thud of the ball in the glove sound perfect. The stadium always feels lively and full of cheering fans. The presentation style is slightly more cinematic and the game is better for it. The slow panning of the camera over your player as he stands in awe of the crowd at his major league debut was fantastic and reminded me of great baseball movies. The song list that serves as soundtrack while you upgrade your player and sit through loading screens is great but irritatingly short. I’ve only heard about six songs and I’m getting really sick of them.

The offline gameplay has zero bugs or glitches from what I have noticed. Online gameplay, however, has the same problems that have plagued the series since its inception. There is far too much lag, which is a deal breaker for online games. I’ve struck out too many times because a pitch, that was clearly a ball, suddenly teleported into the strike zone at the last second. Also, I had to restart the game several times because it froze or would not transition into the next inning. I’m sure this will improve after a patch or two, but it’s really lessened the fun of playing online.

MLB The Show 16 is a fantastic sports game. The gameplay is as fun and immersive as ever. I shouted at the umpire over close calls and pumped my fist at each home run, just like I do when I’m at games or watch them on TV. The new features take away from the realism, but I love that they’re optional. Depending on my mood, I can treat it like a video game or treat it like a true baseball simulator. Although Conquest is a bust, Diamond Dynasty, Road To The Show, and the new Battle Royale are an absolute blast. If you’re a baseball fan, or just a fan of sports or sports games in general, you should absolutely pick this up.

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Portable Gaming Solutions, Lets Talk.



Hello and welcome to my newest article coming to you all the way from The Island of Crete of the beautiful country Greece. In this little discussion we talk about my solution to the age old question, can I bring my Xbox?

So lets talk about portable gaming, we all have our machines that do good at home. Unless you have a small setup in a mini ATX or ITX setup, then you may be fucked. I can always bring my Xbox or computer, but I am at the mercy of who ever’s house I’m at. I love the Blue Rocket to much to box her up and bring her overseas with me. One thing I looked at is a gaming laptop, but they can be upwards of $1000. For most of us that isn’t feasible with a price tag like that, here is my solution that I bought for my first deployment.

I present to you the Gaems Vanguard, with this system it holds my Xbox ONE, a controller all the cords and maybe a few game cases (I had them in a separate bag when I was traveling). With an HD 19″ monitor connected by HDMI and good speakers, or a headphone jack for Turtle Beach users like myself, this is one of the best solutions I can’t think of without dropping the money for a gaming laptop, this was also before I upgraded my laptop with more RAM and a bigger APU.

This solution can be expensive compared to some, when I bought this it was $350 but they do make smaller cheaper models. For the actual performance and durability of the unit I cant think of a better test than deployed military. My last deployment I went to Germany, Romania, Bahrain, Canada, and El Salvador. Through all these checkpoints, I never had a problem with customs, never had a scratch on it, and all I had to do was open it up and plug it in. This is a very good idea for those of us who travel and cant go to long without visiting out gaming world.

Now lets get to the drawbacks of a setup like this: it is fairly bulky for, but for what is offers its not a bad thing in my opinion. You need two plugs, I think it would be better if it plugged into the wall and had an extra plug on the actual unit, but for what it offers I cant complain to much, my final gripe about it is, the screen is pretty small for the size of it. my 17.5″ computer fits inside it no problem, so this is just for you. If you have friends that wants to play with you then you gotta borrow there TV or find one in the airport, but good luck on that one without getting tackled by airport security for suspicions of terrorism.

Here is the math on this one:

  • New Xbox ONE $350
  • New Gaems Vanguard $350

And the damage is $700 or you can get a gaming laptop, all I see on that one is the price tag, like the ASUS ROG G751JYDH71 with only 17 inches of screen, and a grand total of… $2400. You do the math here but if you have that kind of money for your portable gaming needs, you should buy me one too.

There is however a cheaper option for gaming laptops, I have recently purchased a cheaper gaming laptop that is actually more designed for video editing but hey it plays fall out. my new ASUS K501UX as part of there Zen-book Series, this is actually a pretty sweet laptop that i bought only for $850 on sale, after using this for a while and really using the absolute FUCK out of it i have found my new baby while on deployment. I myself am a big AMD APU fan but that laptop has gone kaput. This sweet little guy has:

  • Intel Core i7-6500U CPU. While only dual core it does support hyper threading so it makes it THINK it has a quad core.
  • 8gb of RAM, and now i have more on the way I hope to put a 16GB kit in it.
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 950M. Major selling point on this sucker.
  • As well as all the other usual things any laptop should come with: 1Gb Ethernet, 802.11/a/b/g/n wireless USB 3.0 compatibility, as well as HDMI 1.2 connectivity.






*All photos were taken by author!*

That’s it for me this time, if you guys have your own methods, or a better one that the one I have here let me know, once again this is Ud1eBy Qwik33,


Ryan’s Late Review: Hitman Episode One

The Art of Assassination

Agent 47 is back and better than ever. Hitman combines the best elements of Blood Money and Absolution to create a fantastic stealth and assassination game. Due to its episodic format, there’s only two locations and a handful of targets, but Hitman has a surprising amount of content and replay value. You can easily get lost in the fantastic environment and dozens of unique methods to dispatch your targets.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Hitman franchise combines stealth and planning with slow paced gameplay. You play as Agent 47, a renowned assassin. You are dropped into a sandbox with the objective of killing a target. Your methods are entirely up to you. Sure, you could kick down the doors and spray machine gun fire into the target and hightail it out of there with cops and guards nipping at your heels. Or you could sneak around gathering information, wearing different disguises, learning your targets weaknesses, and assassinating him when he’s isolated or vulnerable. The freedom of the game as well as the unique assassination techniques make the game tense and increases replay value.



Image courtesy of bleedingcool.net

Disguises are as important as ever. Certain areas can only be accessed by specific disguises, so having proper attire is crucial. For instance, the Paris mission takes place during a fashion show at a enormous mansion. The mansion has four levels and each level can only be accessed by a certain disguise. A staff disguise will only work on the ground floor.  Whereas a security guard disguise can get you to the third floor, while only a bodyguard disguise can get you to the top floor. And thankfully, the disguise system from Absolution has been taken out back and shot. Your disguise will only become suspicious when you are near similarly dressed characters for too long a time. If you’re in a bodyguard outfit and spend too much time near other bodyguards, they will become suspicious. Otherwise, you can explore with impunity.

There’s so much to explore. The impressive size of the Paris location is Hitman’s greatest feature. I’ve played through the level three times and I’m pretty sure there’s still more secrets to discover. The mansion is sprawling with rooms, a fashion runway, an auction room, kitchen, attic, dressing room, and much more. Even the exterior is brimming with areas, such as delivery truck dropoffs, parking lots, and a beautiful pavilion overlooking the Seine River.

Each area offers its own unique assassination opportunity. These opportunities are the best part of the game. My first playthrough, I overheard that a famous model was performing.  A model who looked an awful lot like me. After killing him, stealing his outfit, and having the proper makeup applied, I had free range of the mansion due to my celebrity status. I strutted down the catwalk to maintain my cover, then met the target privately in the office. A quick garotte wire later and one target was down. Going through all the necessary steps creates a tense gameplay atmosphere as you hope nobody will see through your ruse as you steadily grow closer and closer to your target.

In my second playthrough, I stole a Shiekh’s disguise and infiltrated a secret auction where global power players bid on state secrets. It felt like something out of a Bond movie.  Successfully bidding on a secret led to a private meeting with the target. Two silenced shots later my target was dispatched.

These are just two of a wide range of opportunities. You can also create accidental kills, such as dropping a speaker or spotlight onto a target. Or you can disguise as a bartender and poison the target’s favorite drink. It feels like there’s an infinite number of possibilities and the reward system makes you want to replay the level over and over again. Each successful assassination and escape earns you points. These points unlock mastery levels, which grant you new weapons, like a sniper rifle, and new drop locations. Now, instead of starting from the very beginning, you can begin the level in the kitchen disguised as the cook, or in the lobby disguised as a guard.

Three other features enhance the value of Hitman. Featured contracts are two targets in the Paris level that are different from your mission targets. They provide an extra challenge, such as having to kill the target in a specific disguise in a specific way, like as a staff member with poison. There’s also the extremely addicting Escalation Mode.  Escalation Mode has five stages, with each stage becoming more and more difficult. It begins easily enough with simply kill a target in any manner. Each stage ups the ante. Kill the target while wearing this disguise, or kill the target with this weapon, or kill the target and unlock his safe, etc. The Contracts Mode from Absolution is brought back as well. You replay a level, kill who you want however you want, then challenge your friends to do the same. It adds a fun competitive challenge, especially because contracts will vary from exceptionally easy to frightfully difficult.


Hitman is not without its flaws. The loading times are unbearably long, ranging from 30 seconds to a full minute. It’s a full loading screen every time you load a save, which can become increasingly frustrating when you’re trying to complete a difficult opportunity or challenge. Also, occasionally NPCs behave like they’ve had lobotomies, which can ruin the immersion. Finally, you will have to hear the same hamfisted dialogue over and over again, when you replay areas.

The game is beautiful and Paris, as stated above, is a huge map. Characters look and act realistically and as always, IO Interactive successfully creates a crowd and party atmosphere. The booming music at the fashion show and the bustling crowd at the bar feel real and pull you into the environment. It’s very satisfying to arrange accidental kills in a large public area; to watch the crowd gasp in horror as their party suddenly comes to an end.

Hitman is the game that every Blood Money fan wanted. It successfully creates a fantastic sandbox for 47 to explore. It rewards you for patience and planning.  The large map creates many unique assassination opportunities and encourages replay because of its reward system. I just unlocked a sniper rifle and can’t wait to get back out there and find a nice vantage point. Hitman should assuage any doubts about its episodic format and I sincerely hope that the subsequent episodes match the high bar set by this premiere.

Discussions: Video Games VS Sports!


Hey guys B3ast here,

This is going to be a series I am going to start, its going to be me voicing my opinion on two topics;more specifically on how they are just wrong on both sides or how one is better than then other one. Now lets dive right into this.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room: have you ever been kicked off of the TV so someone could watch ESPN? That happened a lot for me as a kid, all the time actually. I also have been told I played too much video games, but at the same time that same person is on the couch watching TV.  The point I am going for is, that they are one in the same, by that I mean the concept of it. I know what your thinking how?

11201138_575898375883144_4902202025363471055_o (1)

Playing sports vs watching them are two completely different things all together, the same as watching and playing video games. I have nothing against the people who play sports for a living,  they enjoy what they do people like watching them play. Me personally I don’t like watching them, I find watching sports very boring. Now I can watch some people play video games like on Twitch. I know I sound very biased in this argument but hear me out.

The biggest pet peeve I have about this argument that more people are interested in sports than video games. Which might be true but just because you like something doesn’t mean you get the right to jam it down someone else throat. By that I mean look at it like this yes I play video games, I don’t mind going outside and playing some Football or Basketball but don’t come to me saying that assistant coach of the Bulls got fired or that Payton Manning is having surgery (which I know is old news but it gets my point across) not to be rude but that doesn’t peak my interests at all. Now when it comes to pro player for like the LCS or LPL. That is a different story due to the fact that I think its funny that certain people got benched or traded, but I don’t want to get into a 45 minute discussion about it either.

Now I know it sounds like that I personally don’t want to talk about any of these but I will listen to what you have to say and respond  accordingly but, I am not going to tell you that its dumb that you like that kind of stuff or that your way is wrong or that you need to change what you do. What you like is your prerogative not mine, or anybody else’s for that matter. The side I stand for topic is that I am Switzerland, I am not on either side but, I don’t stand for people trying to change other people for what they like. Thanks for listening to what I have to say, leave your comments  and let me know.

One Dead Grub!




New Dark Souls III Information!

Recently, Bandai Namco leaked several intriguing screenshots of their upcoming FromSoftware game, Dark Souls III.  If you haven’t seen them already, check out the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The screenshots and concept art reveal a great deal about Dark Souls III.  Several enemies are showcased, such as the female wax guardians, and the ash cleric-beast like monster.  Some NPCs are shown such as the Cleric and the Knight.  The player-character is seen several times, either as a knight, pyromancer, or sorcerer.  Finally, the screenshot of the boss that’s fighting the player character, is your tutorial boss.

The screenshots draw some parallels to the first two games.  The tutorial boss is reminiscent of the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls.  Also, there is a female Firekeeper and pyromancy is referred to as primitive magic, both similar to Dark Souls.

There was also brand new gameplay featured.  The gameplay is similar to Bloodborne because of the speed and enemies hiding in shadows waiting to attack you when you think you’re safe.  A new weapon and it’s sword art are on display, fighting a horrendous tree boss.

For the new gameplay and fantastic lore predictions, watch the excellent video below.

Ryan’s Late Review: Bloodborne


A Hauntingly Beautiful and Punishing Experience

Bloodborne has been called the spiritual successor to Dark Souls.  With the popularity of Dark Souls and its rabid fan base, this moniker placed a lot of pressure on Bloodborne.  Fortunately, Bloodborne completely surpasses these expectations and manages to feel both familiar and surprising.

The game takes place in city of Yharnam, a sprawling Victorian-like city.  It’s the night of the hunt.  All ordinary citizens lock themselves in the home while monsters and cursed villagers roam the streets.  You are a hunter, apparently one of a long line of hunters.  You’re task is to dispatch the monsters.  For the first half of the game that’s the entirety of the plot.  You explore the winding cities of Yharnam and it’s Great Cathedral searching for monsters to kill.  As with Dark Souls, there’s a general feeling of hopelessness and despair.  The people locked in their homes seem to blame you for their predicament.  The cursed villagers you kill shout things like, “It’s all your fault,” at you.

I was thoroughly enjoying the story at this point in the game.  It was simple, but it seemed to hint at deeper themes.  For example, man’s inner struggle with his bestial nature.  This struggle manifests itself in Father Gascoigne, a former hunter.  In your fight with him he fully gives in to the beast inside.  It’s tragic since after you defeat him you discover he murdered his wife.  He stands as a warning of what may happen should you fail.

The plot becomes heavily Lovecraftian in the second half of the game.  Enemies become more and more supernatural, and the game focuses on the Great Ones.  The Great Ones are nightmarish creatures that appear throughout Yharnam.  They are grotesque looking.  One is even modeled after Cthulhu.  The game becomes more horror than action at this point.  The scariest part of the game is in the Upper Cathedral Ward.  You wander through a pitch black room.  Your torch is the only source of light.  The enemies are pitch black wolves with red eyes and terrifying ‘brain suckers’ who walk around making slurping sounds.  They defy description, so here’s a picture.

Bloodborne’s combat deviates heavily from Dark Souls.  No longer can you hide behind a heavy shield when your opponent strikes.  You hold a gun in your left hand and a weapon in your right.  To survive in Bloodborne, you have to go on the offensive.  You must strike enemies and then quickly dodge out of the way.  The game rewards you for being on the offensive.  If you are damaged, you have a small window to get the health back by striking the enemy.  Parrying is also significantly easier.  You can stun your enemy and deal a devastating blow if you fire your gun at just the moment.  All this creates fun fast paced combat.


Like Dark Souls, death has consequences.  Enemies drop blood echoes, which you use as currency to level up or buy items.  But if you die on the hunt (and you certainly will), you lose your blood echoes.  They are either collected by the enemy that killed you or are lying on the spot where you died.  You can go back and retrieve them, but if you die on the way, then they’re gone forever.

Bloodborne also offers unique weapons.  All of Bloodborne’s primary weapons are ‘trick weapons’.  You can use their standard mode, or with a button press, switch to a different version of the weapon.  For instance, the hunter’s axe can transform from a single handed weapon to a much larger two handed weapon.  A sword can transform into a large weapon.  Mastering the different movesets leads to a variety of combos you can use to take down your enemies.  Your weapons can be upgraded using blood gems.

Multiplayer is very similar to Dark Souls.  Players leave each other messages on the ground that provide tips for upcoming areas.  You can ring a bell to summon a player into your game to help you or you can ring a bell to be summoned into another person’s game.  PVP is present as well.  You can ring a sinister bell to invade another player’s world and kill him.  Multiplayer felt much more necessary in Bloodborne than Dark Souls.  I was only able to defeat certain bosses by co-op, whereas I was able to complete Dark Souls without requiring online assistance.

Bloodborne also offers randomized dungeons.  If you’re tired of the story or want to try something new, you can enter a chalice dungeon.  The enemies are randomly generated with a different boss fight at the end.  There are special weapons and crafting materials you can find.


Bloodborne has phenomenal graphics and design.  The gothic architecture of the cathedral is eerie.  The shadows in all the buildings add to your feeling of dread and the areas with lots of color, such as the garden level, are beautiful.  The weapons make a satisfying crunch when you hit an enemy, making your blows feel powerful.

Bloodborne’s faults, while minor, are still present.  You can only heal through health potions.  You can either purchase them at a high price or pick them up from dead enemies.  This is fine in the beginning of the game when enemies drop them willy-nilly.  But in the really difficult sections of the game, enemies rarely drop health potions.  This requires you to go back to sections that are now incredibly easy and fight non-challenging enemies, hoping for health potions.  It can really take you out of the game, especially when you’re trying to take down that one really tough boss you can’t seem to beat.

The game does feel short compared to Dark Souls I and II.  There are less levels and boss fights, about half of them being entirely optional.  This might just be part of the new console generation though.  Game length sacrificed for better graphics.

Overall, I absolutely recommend Bloodborne.  It’s arguably the best game of 2015 and certainly the best ps4 exclusive.  The combat is exhilarating and tense.  The enemies all designed well.  The final boss fight is absolute masterpiece.  There’s also plenty of replay value in new game plus and chalice dungeons

Plot: B+

Gameplay: A

Graphics: A

Overall: A-

Contemplating buying the Game of the Year Edition?  Be sure to check out my review of Bloodborne’s excellent DLC, The Old Hunters.

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Late Review


Image brought to you by: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jXU5k4U8x20/maxresdefault.jpg

Hey guys B3ast here,

Now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiering this weekend, I hope some of y’all are as excited as I am. Let’s dive in with the latest from EA in Star Wars Battlefront 3.  Back in  2005 Battlefront 2 came out and if you were a Star wars fan like I was as a kid this game was awesome. Two years after this people wanted another game. They had the idea for the game but had to cut the funding for the game. Then a few years ago DICE picked up the idea.  Now, being a big Star Wars fan, I picked the game up and I absolutely loved it. However, something made me not want to keep playing the game.



Image brought to you by: http://blogs-images.forbes.com/insertcoin/files/2015/08/battlefront2.jpg

Now with how big the Star Wars universe is you would think that there would be some kind of story mode or campaign to this. Well you would be wrong about that. They don’t have a story mode for this game, instead, DICE put all their time and money into the multiplayer. They said they did want to change what the other battlefronts previously had done. They look at battlefront as a team fight to get objectives and win the game. Well some us don’t like playing just multiplayer, some of us want to go on a galactic adventure and take over the galaxy planet by planet. This is what turned me away from the game, you need a campaign for a series like this even if its just a 45 minutes to beat it on easy. Just throw something together that is what most people want from a series like Star Wars.


Single Player & Co-op Missions  


Image brought to you by: http://static4.gamespot.com/uploads/original/536/5360430/2848822-star+wars+battlefront+_4-17_c.jpg

Now instead of a campaign DICE decided missions would be better. In other words missions are different scenarios you play either by your self or with a group of friends. This was an OK concept but not what the people want or what I want personally. They have different “Game modes” for this   Star Wars experience. These include Training, Survival, Battles, and Hero Battles. The only good one out of all of those is Hero Battles. This game mode puts you in the shoes of your favorite heroes from across the galaxy.




Considering the DICE put most if not all of their time on a bomb multiplayer experience I’m going to divide this tab into different sections on the different game modes.

1.Fight Squadron


Image brought to you by: https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/star_wars_battlefront_-_fighter_squadron_-_cockpit_view___final_for_release.jpg?w=748&h=420&crop=1

You get into your Millennium Falcon or Tie fighter and take to the skies to fight in this space dog fight. You need to complete objectives in order to win the game as the rebels or the empire. This game mode lets you play as iconic characters such as Han Solo or Jango Fett. I wasn’t a big fan of this game mode because me and driving don’t go together. Now if you like flying a ship and shooting people down I would recommend this game mode to you.

2. Supremacy


Image brought to you by: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/m2MpCl2-QTw/maxresdefault.jpg

In this game mode you and 40 other players are in a total fight to control five points on the map. This game is like a king of the hill based game mode with a twist on it. You can play as the hero or the villain of the planet. This game is just a slaughter fest while trying to look like you are going for an objective. This game mode is fun to play with other people so y’all can work together to get the points and win the game.

3. Cargo


Cargo is the mode where its basically capture the flag. The twist on this game mode is that instead of flags its cargo that you are taking control of it to get back to your base. This game is more team based then the rest of the modes but not as big with the players which means more parties and premade groups will come.

4. Droid Run


Image brought to you by: http://content.pulse.ea.com/content/starwars-ea-com/en_US/starwars/battlefront/news-articles/go-on-a-droid-run-in-star-wars-battlefront/_jcr_content/featuredImage/renditions/rendition1.img.jpg

Six versus six game mode where each team has to fight and control three different droids zones.  The maps are way smaller then other game modes because it is six versus six. This mode becomes harder if you fight people like the people I fought who were in a team together and had their communication on lock.

5.Walker Assault


Image brought to you by:http://operationrainfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/EA-2015-EA-Star-Wars-Battlefront-7.png

Walker assault is a 40 player map on the planet Hoth (I don’t know why they call it Hoth it should be called cold). The empire is trying to take the rebel base. They are sending walkers to take out the rebel base, it’s up to the rebels to call in Y-Wings to drop EMP’s on the walkers to make them weak for any type of attack to hurt the walker. This game mode was really fun out of all the games modes because of how big the map is.

6. Blast


This game mode is Star Wars version of Teamdeath match. This is the true definition of a slaughter fest. Which ever team gets most kills wins.

7. Drop Zone

featuredImage.img (1)

Drop zone is one of those game modes that is very objective based game. Every so often an escape pod is dropped from the sky and your team has to take control of the zone. Once your team takes the zone you have a certain amount of time to hold it to get the points. Reach max points and you win the match.

8.Heroes Vs Villains

star-wars-battlefront (1)

Play as the most iconic heroes of the Star Wars universe. Each team has a hero they have to protect to score points. Use your heroes to make them perform monster plays to win the game. I am not a big fan of this game mode because I don’t like that pressure  that comes with being the hero.


9.Hero Hunt


The hunt is on in this game mode, each team has one hero and several ground troops. You hunt the enemy hero and if you kill the other hero you get to become a hero yourself,the one thing is that once you become the hero the hunt is on. This game mode is more fun than heroes vs villains because I can run in and kill the hero and become the hero to kill more people.

Now that we’ve touched on this game a lot a review, this games multiplayer is on point. Now with them just focusing on multiplayer, the game would be good. My main concern is that there is not single player campaign which lowers my opinion of the game. I would recommend it for Star Wars fans, but you can only play multiplayer for so long before it gets repetitive.

Story: 0/10

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Multiplayer: 10/10

Overall:   6.75/10


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