Portable Gaming Solutions, Lets Talk.



Hello and welcome to my newest article coming to you all the way from The Island of Crete of the beautiful country Greece. In this little discussion we talk about my solution to the age old question, can I bring my Xbox?

So lets talk about portable gaming, we all have our machines that do good at home. Unless you have a small setup in a mini ATX or ITX setup, then you may be fucked. I can always bring my Xbox or computer, but I am at the mercy of who ever’s house I’m at. I love the Blue Rocket to much to box her up and bring her overseas with me. One thing I looked at is a gaming laptop, but they can be upwards of $1000. For most of us that isn’t feasible with a price tag like that, here is my solution that I bought for my first deployment.

I present to you the Gaems Vanguard, with this system it holds my Xbox ONE, a controller all the cords and maybe a few game cases (I had them in a separate bag when I was traveling). With an HD 19″ monitor connected by HDMI and good speakers, or a headphone jack for Turtle Beach users like myself, this is one of the best solutions I can’t think of without dropping the money for a gaming laptop, this was also before I upgraded my laptop with more RAM and a bigger APU.

This solution can be expensive compared to some, when I bought this it was $350 but they do make smaller cheaper models. For the actual performance and durability of the unit I cant think of a better test than deployed military. My last deployment I went to Germany, Romania, Bahrain, Canada, and El Salvador. Through all these checkpoints, I never had a problem with customs, never had a scratch on it, and all I had to do was open it up and plug it in. This is a very good idea for those of us who travel and cant go to long without visiting out gaming world.

Now lets get to the drawbacks of a setup like this: it is fairly bulky for, but for what is offers its not a bad thing in my opinion. You need two plugs, I think it would be better if it plugged into the wall and had an extra plug on the actual unit, but for what it offers I cant complain to much, my final gripe about it is, the screen is pretty small for the size of it. my 17.5″ computer fits inside it no problem, so this is just for you. If you have friends that wants to play with you then you gotta borrow there TV or find one in the airport, but good luck on that one without getting tackled by airport security for suspicions of terrorism.

Here is the math on this one:

  • New Xbox ONE $350
  • New Gaems Vanguard $350

And the damage is $700 or you can get a gaming laptop, all I see on that one is the price tag, like the ASUS ROG G751JYDH71 with only 17 inches of screen, and a grand total of… $2400. You do the math here but if you have that kind of money for your portable gaming needs, you should buy me one too.

There is however a cheaper option for gaming laptops, I have recently purchased a cheaper gaming laptop that is actually more designed for video editing but hey it plays fall out. my new ASUS K501UX as part of there Zen-book Series, this is actually a pretty sweet laptop that i bought only for $850 on sale, after using this for a while and really using the absolute FUCK out of it i have found my new baby while on deployment. I myself am a big AMD APU fan but that laptop has gone kaput. This sweet little guy has:

  • Intel Core i7-6500U CPU. While only dual core it does support hyper threading so it makes it THINK it has a quad core.
  • 8gb of RAM, and now i have more on the way I hope to put a 16GB kit in it.
  • NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 950M. Major selling point on this sucker.
  • As well as all the other usual things any laptop should come with: 1Gb Ethernet, 802.11/a/b/g/n wireless USB 3.0 compatibility, as well as HDMI 1.2 connectivity.






*All photos were taken by author!*

That’s it for me this time, if you guys have your own methods, or a better one that the one I have here let me know, once again this is Ud1eBy Qwik33,



Discussions: Video Games VS Sports!


Hey guys B3ast here,

This is going to be a series I am going to start, its going to be me voicing my opinion on two topics;more specifically on how they are just wrong on both sides or how one is better than then other one. Now lets dive right into this.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room: have you ever been kicked off of the TV so someone could watch ESPN? That happened a lot for me as a kid, all the time actually. I also have been told I played too much video games, but at the same time that same person is on the couch watching TV.  The point I am going for is, that they are one in the same, by that I mean the concept of it. I know what your thinking how?

11201138_575898375883144_4902202025363471055_o (1)

Playing sports vs watching them are two completely different things all together, the same as watching and playing video games. I have nothing against the people who play sports for a living,  they enjoy what they do people like watching them play. Me personally I don’t like watching them, I find watching sports very boring. Now I can watch some people play video games like on Twitch. I know I sound very biased in this argument but hear me out.

The biggest pet peeve I have about this argument that more people are interested in sports than video games. Which might be true but just because you like something doesn’t mean you get the right to jam it down someone else throat. By that I mean look at it like this yes I play video games, I don’t mind going outside and playing some Football or Basketball but don’t come to me saying that assistant coach of the Bulls got fired or that Payton Manning is having surgery (which I know is old news but it gets my point across) not to be rude but that doesn’t peak my interests at all. Now when it comes to pro player for like the LCS or LPL. That is a different story due to the fact that I think its funny that certain people got benched or traded, but I don’t want to get into a 45 minute discussion about it either.

Now I know it sounds like that I personally don’t want to talk about any of these but I will listen to what you have to say and respond  accordingly but, I am not going to tell you that its dumb that you like that kind of stuff or that your way is wrong or that you need to change what you do. What you like is your prerogative not mine, or anybody else’s for that matter. The side I stand for topic is that I am Switzerland, I am not on either side but, I don’t stand for people trying to change other people for what they like. Thanks for listening to what I have to say, leave your comments  and let me know.

One Dead Grub!




New Dark Souls III Information!

Recently, Bandai Namco leaked several intriguing screenshots of their upcoming FromSoftware game, Dark Souls III.  If you haven’t seen them already, check out the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The screenshots and concept art reveal a great deal about Dark Souls III.  Several enemies are showcased, such as the female wax guardians, and the ash cleric-beast like monster.  Some NPCs are shown such as the Cleric and the Knight.  The player-character is seen several times, either as a knight, pyromancer, or sorcerer.  Finally, the screenshot of the boss that’s fighting the player character, is your tutorial boss.

The screenshots draw some parallels to the first two games.  The tutorial boss is reminiscent of the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls.  Also, there is a female Firekeeper and pyromancy is referred to as primitive magic, both similar to Dark Souls.

There was also brand new gameplay featured.  The gameplay is similar to Bloodborne because of the speed and enemies hiding in shadows waiting to attack you when you think you’re safe.  A new weapon and it’s sword art are on display, fighting a horrendous tree boss.

For the new gameplay and fantastic lore predictions, watch the excellent video below.

Smite Battleground of the Gods


Image brought to you by:http://gearnuke.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/smite.jpg

Hey guys B3ast here,

MOBA’s  are becoming a big category in the gaming world. Smite showed up out of nowhere and is taking the world by storm. This post will be a comparison of the game to League of Legends (LOL).  Smite is a different  point of view for a MOBA, instead of aerial view it’s in third person.


Image brought to you by: http://media1.gameinformer.com/filestorage/CommunityServer.Components.SiteFiles/imagefeed/screenshots/smite/Smite610.jpg

With the third person aspect you are placed in the middle of the action. You get to see everything the Gods see, that is to say, when playing you see without a fog of war mechanic which allows the player to see everything in his characters field of vision. This greatly enhances your ability to detect ganks and other enemy maneuvers as compared to the traditional aerial view. This forces players to develop skill when performing maneuvers and attacks. The only set back with this point of view that you do not see the other players on far corners of the map which makes getting tower dove at level 3 or something like that possible. You just have to watch the mini-map a lot more in the game.


Image brought to you by:http://i.imgur.com/Bncxu2s.png

Now this is a MOBA, its still an objective based game getting towers, killing jungle monsters, and killing enemy players are still important. There are 3 lanes but unlike LOL its vertical not diagonal. If you look at the map you see that the right side is a lot longer that the other lanes. This is what in League terms is the “Bot Lane,” you send your Adc (Hunter) and Support (Guardian) to that lane. The mid will always be the Mages in MOBA’s. The Top lane is the “Solo Lane” where you send your fighters. To the jungle you send your mobile Assassins and other high damage people. As far as the map layout unlike most MOBA’s, in Smite to spawn “Super Minions” you need to kill a phoenix. In order to win the game you have to kill the enemy’s Titan, in League terms that is the nexus, but here is the twist that nexus will fight back and kill you if you let it.

TitanOrder      TitanChaos

Images brought to you by: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/smite/images/7/7b/TitanOrder.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140317091448

The rest of this post will be me talking about the various roles, taking it one at a time.



Image brought to you by:http://guides.gamepressure.com/smite/gfx/word/1056786325.jpg

Mages are high damage ranged carries. Spells are their bread and butter, and they use mana like crazy. Mages are really strong in Smite, but like any other game once focused they will fall pretty fast.



Image brought to you by: http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/smite.gamepedia.com/thumb/1/18/T_Apollo_Default_Card.png/250px-T_Apollo_Default_Card.png?version=4b9d5666419af8f94d69f95f7c42cb16

Hunters are the Attack damage carry of the Smite world. High damage and high attack speed, but need a support to help them out through the beginning of the game.




Image brought to you by: http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/smite.gamepedia.com/thumb/e/e3/T_Loki_Default_Card.png/250px-T_Loki_Default_Card.png?version=0383d13aac62c991b10ae6310efd207e

Assassins are high damage and very mobile Gods. Most of them function as junglers in Smite. Their mobility and high damage together can make for some strong ganks.




Image brought to you by: http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/smite.gamepedia.com/thumb/0/0d/T_Athena_Default_Card.png/250px-T_Athena_Default_Card.png?version=8960320a6c649414ccfe69859c1edab4

Guardians are the supports of smite. They are very tanky, with shields and lots of Crowd Control. They go to the longest lane with the Adc. Some of the supports can function as mages, but the strongest ones are the tanky ones that can go in and set up kills for the Adc.




Image brought to you by: http://www.hirezstudios.com/images/default-source/blog-featured-images/blog_hercules.jpg

Warriors are those beefy Gods that have some damages and some durability. They can be that front line and deal damage and because of this mostly go into the solo lane, however, some can jungle.


This game while being in that third person view is very fun. In a way you become that character and get to see what they see and how they act. High-Rez did a really good job with game overall. The big thing that I really like about this game is that some of the Gods interact with one another. What I mean by this is that some Gods when they kill other Gods will have different lines. When the Sun God Ra kills Neith the Weaver of Fate, Ra will scream “You should of brought sunscreen Neith!” They also interact with the items the players buy as well. I would recommend to all MOBA players, get this game, it is so much fun to play. It will take some time to get used to playing in third person but I would give this a 9/10 for a MOBA.

Thanks guys let me know what you think!




Star Wars Battlefront 3: Late Review


Image brought to you by: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jXU5k4U8x20/maxresdefault.jpg

Hey guys B3ast here,

Now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiering this weekend, I hope some of y’all are as excited as I am. Let’s dive in with the latest from EA in Star Wars Battlefront 3.  Back in  2005 Battlefront 2 came out and if you were a Star wars fan like I was as a kid this game was awesome. Two years after this people wanted another game. They had the idea for the game but had to cut the funding for the game. Then a few years ago DICE picked up the idea.  Now, being a big Star Wars fan, I picked the game up and I absolutely loved it. However, something made me not want to keep playing the game.



Image brought to you by: http://blogs-images.forbes.com/insertcoin/files/2015/08/battlefront2.jpg

Now with how big the Star Wars universe is you would think that there would be some kind of story mode or campaign to this. Well you would be wrong about that. They don’t have a story mode for this game, instead, DICE put all their time and money into the multiplayer. They said they did want to change what the other battlefronts previously had done. They look at battlefront as a team fight to get objectives and win the game. Well some us don’t like playing just multiplayer, some of us want to go on a galactic adventure and take over the galaxy planet by planet. This is what turned me away from the game, you need a campaign for a series like this even if its just a 45 minutes to beat it on easy. Just throw something together that is what most people want from a series like Star Wars.


Single Player & Co-op Missions  


Image brought to you by: http://static4.gamespot.com/uploads/original/536/5360430/2848822-star+wars+battlefront+_4-17_c.jpg

Now instead of a campaign DICE decided missions would be better. In other words missions are different scenarios you play either by your self or with a group of friends. This was an OK concept but not what the people want or what I want personally. They have different “Game modes” for this   Star Wars experience. These include Training, Survival, Battles, and Hero Battles. The only good one out of all of those is Hero Battles. This game mode puts you in the shoes of your favorite heroes from across the galaxy.




Considering the DICE put most if not all of their time on a bomb multiplayer experience I’m going to divide this tab into different sections on the different game modes.

1.Fight Squadron


Image brought to you by: https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/star_wars_battlefront_-_fighter_squadron_-_cockpit_view___final_for_release.jpg?w=748&h=420&crop=1

You get into your Millennium Falcon or Tie fighter and take to the skies to fight in this space dog fight. You need to complete objectives in order to win the game as the rebels or the empire. This game mode lets you play as iconic characters such as Han Solo or Jango Fett. I wasn’t a big fan of this game mode because me and driving don’t go together. Now if you like flying a ship and shooting people down I would recommend this game mode to you.

2. Supremacy


Image brought to you by: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/m2MpCl2-QTw/maxresdefault.jpg

In this game mode you and 40 other players are in a total fight to control five points on the map. This game is like a king of the hill based game mode with a twist on it. You can play as the hero or the villain of the planet. This game is just a slaughter fest while trying to look like you are going for an objective. This game mode is fun to play with other people so y’all can work together to get the points and win the game.

3. Cargo


Cargo is the mode where its basically capture the flag. The twist on this game mode is that instead of flags its cargo that you are taking control of it to get back to your base. This game is more team based then the rest of the modes but not as big with the players which means more parties and premade groups will come.

4. Droid Run


Image brought to you by: http://content.pulse.ea.com/content/starwars-ea-com/en_US/starwars/battlefront/news-articles/go-on-a-droid-run-in-star-wars-battlefront/_jcr_content/featuredImage/renditions/rendition1.img.jpg

Six versus six game mode where each team has to fight and control three different droids zones.  The maps are way smaller then other game modes because it is six versus six. This mode becomes harder if you fight people like the people I fought who were in a team together and had their communication on lock.

5.Walker Assault


Image brought to you by:http://operationrainfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/EA-2015-EA-Star-Wars-Battlefront-7.png

Walker assault is a 40 player map on the planet Hoth (I don’t know why they call it Hoth it should be called cold). The empire is trying to take the rebel base. They are sending walkers to take out the rebel base, it’s up to the rebels to call in Y-Wings to drop EMP’s on the walkers to make them weak for any type of attack to hurt the walker. This game mode was really fun out of all the games modes because of how big the map is.

6. Blast


This game mode is Star Wars version of Teamdeath match. This is the true definition of a slaughter fest. Which ever team gets most kills wins.

7. Drop Zone

featuredImage.img (1)

Drop zone is one of those game modes that is very objective based game. Every so often an escape pod is dropped from the sky and your team has to take control of the zone. Once your team takes the zone you have a certain amount of time to hold it to get the points. Reach max points and you win the match.

8.Heroes Vs Villains

star-wars-battlefront (1)

Play as the most iconic heroes of the Star Wars universe. Each team has a hero they have to protect to score points. Use your heroes to make them perform monster plays to win the game. I am not a big fan of this game mode because I don’t like that pressure  that comes with being the hero.


9.Hero Hunt


The hunt is on in this game mode, each team has one hero and several ground troops. You hunt the enemy hero and if you kill the other hero you get to become a hero yourself,the one thing is that once you become the hero the hunt is on. This game mode is more fun than heroes vs villains because I can run in and kill the hero and become the hero to kill more people.

Now that we’ve touched on this game a lot a review, this games multiplayer is on point. Now with them just focusing on multiplayer, the game would be good. My main concern is that there is not single player campaign which lowers my opinion of the game. I would recommend it for Star Wars fans, but you can only play multiplayer for so long before it gets repetitive.

Story: 0/10

Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Multiplayer: 10/10

Overall:   6.75/10


One Dead Grub!




2015 Top Five Picks!

Hey guys B3ast here, now with 2016 right around the corner I figured I would make a list of the best titles of 2015. Now this is all my opinion feel free to let me know what you think of my list in the comments below.


#5 Rock Band 4


Image brought to you by: http://static1.gamespot.com/uploads/original/225/2256286/2823326-rockband4-promo-illustration.jpg

I have been playing Rock Band since the first one came out. Most people were excited for the first one, but after that they seemed to lose interest. Now I am a big fan of the this franchise because of the new songs, new solos, and new rock tours they always provide to the players. This game is a really fun party game to play, you and three friends come together and rock the world. Get your friends, family and your instruments then you can release your inner rock star while rocking people faces off. Now the reason this title didn’t rank higher on the list is because you need other people to truly enjoy this game to its fullest potential.


#4  Mortal Kombat X 


Image brought to you by:http://a2.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Purple69/v4/cf/c4/f7/cfc4f780-fbdf-ede1-b401-99a4096df6c9/screen520x924.jpeg

Mortal Kombat has been around since 1992 making franchise older than I am! This was the first fighter I have ever played. Once I performed my first fatality I was like “This is the best fighting game ever.” Now most fighting game pro-players will say Mortal Kombat is not the best fighting game. Now you may be right, however, I don’t like fighting games but Mortal Kombat has survived the test of time. I’ll say this about Mortal Kombat it is one of the goriest fighting games of all time. When you reach into your opponents stomach and pull out their spine they know you are not playing games.


#3 Batman Arkham Knight


Image brought to you by: http://www.dingit.tv/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/arkham-knight.jpg

Warner Brothers has been putting out really good Batman games lately. This game was good but I couldn’t play the game at one point due to the big bugs with the game. The frames per second would drop or the game would bug out and my character would glitch out of the map. I had to buy the game on Xbox ONE, which meant I wasn’t able to get that much PC time. The story for this game was interesting, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I got to see some more of the iconic Batman villains that we all know and love.


#2 Gears of War: Ultimate Edition  

gears of war

Image brought to you by:http://compass.xbox.com/assets/e9/51/e9513375-39fc-4800-9eab-e49ec7f45e2c.jpg?n=delta-hero.jpg

Gears of War is by far my favorite franchise. This series has always had a good story, good game play, and a fun multiplayer (with friends). This game is the remake of the first Gears of War game. In my opinion the first Gears is not the best but we all had to start somewhere. I fell in love with this game when I chainsawed my first ever grub, I knew right then and there I would love this game forever. It’s the same story as the first just 20 minutes has been removed from the PC campaign. Now the multiplayer is a little sketchy, but if you have ever played the first games when they were first released you know how the multiplayer is. They just added a few things here and there to make it look cooler. Now when they remake Gears of War 2 that will be at the top of my list.


#1 Fallout 4    

fallout 4

Image brought to you by:   https://bethesda.net/data/images/gamesdropdown/fallout_4.001.jpg

Fallout is an amazing series and if you haven’t picked up this game I recommend that you do. This game in and of itself is better than any of the other fallout’s I have played. The story is really good compared to the questionable one in Fallout 3. Now the game has added new features in order to “keep the game fresh”. Despite this nothing has really changed, you still get to walk around the wasteland pick stuff up and shoot rad creatures. They did change how your V.A.T.S work but other than that its an awesome game.


Now those are my top picks for the games of 2015. Really good games came out this year, these are my top picks feel free to let me know what you think.

One dead grub!




HALO 5, I’m not that impressed…. here’s why.

After a long wait, it is finally here guys and gals the newest installment of our well loved character, Master Chief. As well as a few new folks along this journey. In this game you play as our favorite Spartan Master Chief, with your trusty blue team… that died a long time ago… WTF. It seems that the guys at 343 Ind. are doing what ever the hell they want with this one and I don’t really know if I like it. Unfortunately you play as Spartan Locke for a good 80% of the story, your goal as Spartan Locke is to find The Blue Team for abandoning the UNSC orders and going off to do god knows what. As the UNSC’s most valuable asset naturally they will go after the Master Chief.

Who doesn’t love a good midnight release as well am I right??

20151026_210519 20151026_210521 20151026_210531

Let me start off this review by saying this game started out so bad ass I was streaming it and no one took my commentary seriously because I was giggling like a school girl. Fire team Osiris just went HAM and it was amazing but it just went from super epic to eh its kinda ok to wow this is so repetitive. the lack of huge battlefields with the fast and easy campaign just didn’t do it for me. As well as the fact that if you take enough damage in the easier difficulties all that happened is you went down Gears of War style, you wait for your team to revive you and you keep fighting with a health boost. With the size of the battle field reduced it was a lot easier too. You had so many enemies but you can make pretty quick work of them with explosives and the trusty shotgun.

Graphics wise the game played fairly well but there were some spots where the map would load up to ninety five percent and then just leave it be, this title deffinitly pushed the current gen console to the limits but you can’t upgrade it to run better so you are stuck with the sometimes choppy terrain. A lot of the weapons got a graphical upgrade with the new call of duty style aiming system, but in all reality if I wanted to play call of duty I would have bought that instead.

The sound quality was very good with the voice acting but a lot of the guns sounded fairly cheaply made. Promethian weapons sound like air soft guns with bass and plasma weapons sound ok but I wish they had not messed with everything so much to keep a little bit of that old Halo we all know and love.

Lets talk Multiplayer though. What this game lacks in campaign excitement, it makes up for it with the purely awesome battlefield we all know and love and they keep the tradition going. With a new game mode called Warzone and it is so much fun to play. Twelve man teams battle it out in a game type mixed with Territories + Slayer +  Assault, with the ability to  requisition (REQ) items such as vehicles and power weapons. The way you get these REQs is you earn points every game and spend them on packs which I would compare to buying packs of Poke’mon  cards when you were little. This system is fun and yet annoying, out of 10 REQ packs I opened up, 25% of the cards I got were just the regular mongoose.

All in all then game is very fun just not exactly what the series could live up to. I beat the story in 8 hours and have been just playing multiplayer, and on that it is worth it, but not something that you HAVE to go out and get now, let them tweak the REQ system in warzone and the game will get a higher rating. I give Halo 5: 7 out of 10.

With that guys have fun, stay awesome and game on.