Second Annual Snowdown Showdown


We are holding our second annual…ish Snowdown Showdown!!

Entry is free and the winning team will get $20 in Riot Points!!!!

Ud1eBy will be holding the tournament on December 11th – 13th. The games will be played from 18:30 EST(6:30pm) – 01:00 EST(1:00am) Sunday To Be Determined.

Snowdown Showdown Rules and Guidelines

  • Matches will be played on Howling Abyss.
  • Teams of two.
  • Victory is achieved by destroying the opponent’s outer turret.
  • Blind Pick.
  • Schedule must be open to keep matches moving smoothly.
  • Ten minutes will be granted as a grace period between matches.
  • Double Round Robin group stage.
  • The two best teams from group stage will move forward to a best of three single elimination bracket.

To enter with a friend, simply respond to this post with you and your friend’s League of Legends tags!!!




Link to Bracket